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CLIENT PAGE: WHAT IS EP? continued v1 (old)
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The techniques used in Energy Psychology (EP) are based on both an understanding of clinical psychology and on working with the energy flow of the body. EP is a family of evidence-supported psychotherapeutic approaches that integrate established clinical practices with somatic methods derived from various healing traditions of Eastern cultures

EP theory suggests that psychological problems are a reflection of disturbed bio-energetic patterns within the mind-body system. The mind-body system involves complex communication between a person’s neurophysiology, cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns and bio-energetic systems.

By addressing disturbances in thought and emotion while engaging the energy systems of the body, EP allows for more rapid processing of a variety of emotional conditions. Additionally, clients learn mind-body skills to self-regulate between sessions, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, anger, trauma, guilt, shame and depression.

EP combines cognitive interventions including focusing of awareness and mindfulness, imaginal exposure to traumatic memories or visualization of peak performance, cognitive framing and reframing with somatic interventions to rebalance components of the human energy systems (otherwise known as the vibrational matrix comprised of meridians, chakras and biofields) to facilitate rapid positive individual change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes.

EP provides tools to quickly assess unconscious resistances, promote readiness to change, release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions, and strengthen positive attitudes.




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3/24/2018 » 3/25/2018
Essential Skills in CEP Level 2 - Scotsdale, AZ

4/7/2018 » 4/8/2018
Essential Skills in CEP Level 2 - Long Beach, CA

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