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Fellowship Training Group 
Melanie McGhee 
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Group meets over 13 full days. Feb 23-25, Mar 25, Apr 28-29, May 19, Jun 11, Jun 25, Jul 9, Jul 2, Aug 18-19, Sept 15, Oct 20-21, Nov 17 
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Our clients come to us in pain. They want to feel better, fast. They want to achieve their goals and ultimately move into a greater ease of being in life, to live from their authentic true self. To help them, most of us aim for better, faster and more sustainable ways to impact our clients, to untether them from their pain. And THAT'S just why we got into this field in the first place, to HELP, to make a DIFFERENCE.

- Help your clients build momentum as they embrace being empowered to address their challenges and stressors, contributing to expansions in self-awareness, compassion and present focused attention.
- Increase confidence in your helping skills while empowering clients
- Learn principles that will guide your therapeutic interventions and reignite your enthusiasm for engaging in meaningful work.
- Think differently about how to effect deep and lasting change.

This is a ten-month immersive training program during which participants will:
-Learn to create a crucible for transformation as they lean into phases of change that will give both practitioners and clients a familiar rhythm. The familiarity of these phases naturally supports the development and expansion of clients’ capacity for self-reflection.
-Discover how leaning into these phases brings clarity, guiding clinicians when they have wandered into the therapeutic weeds. Through discussion, observation and practice they will discover the competencies, value, and ease of each phase.
-Become skilled in several acceptance and integration methods through observation, partner and solo practice.
-Engage in 13 FULL days of clinical training scattered over 10 months.
-Participate 4 online learning and consultation sessions.
-Gain clarity through study of these manuals and books included in your FTG
-AAIT training manual and resource guide.
-Return to Oneness
-PEAT New Pathways
-Journey to Oneself
-Integra Protocol
-Have unlimited access to me through our private Facebook group.
-Engage with accountability partners with whom you will practice and enhance.

Understanding and applying these principles will transform your practice. Over the course of our months together, these principles will come alive for you. Not only will you see clients improving (typically in each session), but with this immersive training, you will gain a deep appreciation of a paradigm that effectively blends psychotherapy (or coaching) with spirituality. This synthesis creates an inner spaciousness in which problems give way to steadier and higher states of consciousness as goals become more readily attainable.

In this course, you will acquire skills that reliably help people. With consistent results, you gain a stronger sense of efficacy in the change you facilitate.

For full details on the Fellowship Training Group, please visit our website: 
Maryville, TN 
Address will be sent upon registration 
Payment Options: Single payment of $3750 or 3 equal payments of $1285 or Ten equal payments of $395. If you are a previous student of AAIT, the refresher price is $1875 
Melanie McGhee 865-384-4104 
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