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Thought field therapy and QEEG Changes in the Treatment of Trauma: A Case Study (old)
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Thought field therapy and QEEG changes in the treatment of trauma: A case study.
Diepold, J. H., & Goldstein, D. (2008). Traumatology, 15, 85 – 93.

As identified by quantitative electroencephalography,statistically abnormal brain wave patterns were observed when a person thought about a trauma when compared with thinking about a neutral (baseline) event. Reassessment of brain wave patterns (to the traumatic memory) immediately after thought field therapy diagnosis and treatment revealed that the previous abnormal pattern was altered and was no longer statistically abnormal. An 18-month follow-up indicated that the patient continued to be free of all emotional upset regarding the treated trauma. This case study supports the concept that trauma-based negative emotions do have a correlated and measurable abnormal energetic effect. In addition, this study objectively identified an immediate energetic change after thought field therapy in the direction of normalcy and health, which has persisted.
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