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CLIENT PAGE: CAN EP HELP ME? continued v1 (old)
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EP can be used for a range of problems, including: performance issues (sports, school, business and the arts), overcoming limiting beliefs (about relationships, finances, etc.), weight loss (and maintenance), mental health problems (anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, etc.).

Over the past three decades, hundreds of thousands of people have used Energy Psychology (EP) approaches to assist with an incredibly wide range of life situations - everything from improving a golf game to healing trauma/PTSD resulting from rape and war. In many cases, EP approaches work with amazing speed. And, in many cases, they have offered relief and healing when other approaches have failed to.

The fundamental question that you are probably asking is, "Will it work for me?". There is a high likelihood that an EP approach will work for you. The level of effectiveness, however, will depend on whether you're asking about using an EP technique as a self-help approach or with a qualified EP practitioner. If you opt for working with a certified EP practitioner, it's important to note that these modalities always work best when you are an active participant - and willing to work on issues from home between formal sessions.

EP as a Self-help approach:
  The major advantages of learning some of these approaches as self help tools are 1) they are generally free or near free, 2) you are learning skills that can help you in many cases, and 3) there are few, if any, side effects to these methods. Please note that it makes the most sense to try a self help method when your problem is relatively uncomplicated; when your need is not urgent; when your life is going well in general. Give it a try and if you achieve the results you want, fantastic! If you are not able to resolve your problem on your own, you should consider working with a skilled professional. While these approaches are often relatively simple, skilled professionals know how to maximize the benefits of these methods far beyond the results of self help application.

Working with an EP Professional:  One of the great benefits of working with an EP Professional is that they can help you identify blocks and resistances of which you are not aware and which may not even make rational sense to you. For instance, a golfer might have an unconscious block that it is not safe to putt better (a real case). While unconscious blocks may not make complete sense to the conscious mind, they can have a huge impact on our lives. EP can rapidly resolve this type of block that, in energy psychology terms, is called a "safety reversal."

There are basically two types of practitioners that use EP: 1) Licensed Health and Mental Health Professionals and 2) Coaches and non licensed Energy Health Practitioners. ACEP supports both types of professionals. However, we strongly advocate that if your problem is a mental health problem, you should work with a mental health professional who is also well trained in EP. If your problem is a relationship problem, you should work with a relationship professional (mental health professionals, marriage educators, etc.) who is well trained in EP.  If you are working with a business or performance issue, seeking out a well trained coach or energy health practitioner would be suitable.

ACEP has ethical guidelines that all certified members must adhere to in their practice. Local and state jurisdictions also have their own regulations about what is considered ethical and legal. To be fully informed about what is required of practitioners in your area, we encourage you to check your local laws.




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