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EP vs Medication (old)
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The simplest answer is that EP is much safer and longer-lasting than drug therapy. EP has no side effects, no potential for addiction, and no periods of instability while you adjust to starting and ending treatment. Unlike drugs, whose benefits (mostly) disappear when you stop taking them, EP’s benefits are long-term and can easily be maintained by home practice.

If you look at ACEP’s leadership and membership, you’ll see that the vast majority of our members come from conventional health and mental health backgrounds. So we’re familiar with drug therapy, and we believe it has critical role for some people, especially when other approaches have not worked.

But all you have to do is compare the rate of prescription drug use in the U.S. to other advanced countries, and it’s easy to conclude that U.S. insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have found drugs to be a convenient and profitable answer for nearly every problem that people have (even though the research does not really support their effectiveness). For instance, research clearly shows that anti-depressant medication is only barely more effective than placebo. It is not more effective than cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). You would never know this from the ads on television.

It is our opinion that medication should not be used in place of making fundamental changes in lifestyle and/or neutralizing the sabotaging effects of adverse experiences in childhood, trauma, limiting beliefs and cognitions. If you want to take charge of your life and understand the wisdom of working with the mind/body system as a whole, EP is a great approach for you.

If you are currently on medication and want to get off, you should consult with your doctor about how to come off medication safely and ask for a referal for a mental health practitioner. You can search for energy psychology practitioners near you by clicking here.

If your doctor has suggested psychiatric medication to you, have you asked for a referral to mental health practitioner?



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