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IS THERE RESEARCH - for Health Professionals cont'd (old)
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There have been 16 Randomly Controlled Trials (RCTs) conducted on EP modalities:

External or Objective Measures:

9 out of the 16 studies included objective or external measures (p < .05, .05, .03, .005, .001, .001, .001, and .001)

7 out of the 16 studies included self-report measures only (p <.05, .05, .001, .001, .001, .001, and .001)

Use of Placebo or Active Ingredient Comparisons:

9 out of the 16 RCTs used a placebo or active-ingredient control (p <.05, .001, .001, .001, .001, .001, and .001) 

7 out of the 16 RCTs used a wait list control: (p<.05, .05, .05, .03, .005, .001, .001, and .001)

Follow-up Investigation: 

• 7 out of the 16 RCTs had follow-up. 100% had sustained improvement at 3 months to 2 years

 Effect Size:

11 out of the 16 RCTs measured effect size (all of these 11 were large effect sizes for one of the main scales).

Though the field of Energy Psychology (EP) is only 30 years old, it is fast growing due to its ability to provide swift results with no abreaction in most cases--particularly with trauma patients.

For instance, in the spring of 2006, 50 orphans of the Rwandan genocide (many of whom witnessed the horror of their parents being murdered by machete) were treated with a single Thought Field Therapy (TFT) session (TFT is an EP modality) session. Following the session, scores on a PTSD checklist completed by caretakers and on a self-related PTSD checklist had significantly decreased. The number of participants exceeding the PTSD cutoffs decreased from 100% to 6%. Retesting a year later showed that the improvements held.

One study (Church et al. 2012) with 56 Veterans with PTSD found that 86% of the subjects no longer had PTSD after 6 sessions of treatment.  This is almost twice as effective in half the time as the most common treatment used inthe VA system Prolongued Exposure  ( 49% reduction of PTSD in 12 sessions).

It's exciting to see more robust research validating years of anecdotal positive outcomes with Energy Psychology (EP)--many of which, as in the case of the Rwandan orphan study or the rapid relief of PTSD symptoms experienced by US combat veterans treated with EFT, have seemed incredible from a talk therapy perspective.

While more sophisticated studies need to be done, the data continues to stack up in favor of EP. If you're interested in learning more about existing EP research (on subjects as various as weight loss maintenance, test taking anxiety, phobias and PTSD), you can read dozens of abstracts on ACEP's research pages by CLICKING HERE.



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