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Energy Field is Seeking Successes:
Our quarterly publication, The Energy Field, recently started a column called 'Success of the Month.'  Clinicians and aspiring authors (we know you're out there!) now have the opportunity to share interesting cases highlighting EP techniques. Please note that all articles require written permission from the client, and personal and identifying details should be omitted to ensure anonymity. Word limit is 1,500 words.

The next deadline is August 1, 2013. Please submit your Successes to Energy Field Editor Marlene Cameron at


Women In Recovery From Sexual Trauma Project:
We are in the process of developing a comprehensive program for Women in Recovery from Sexual Trauma. This project is being focalized by Robni Trainor Masci, an ACEP member and therapist with 34 years experience in the field.

This is a BIG PROJECT! And will involve several phases of development over several years. We anticipate sufficient funding to be able to implement this project as it grows and develops. If this Project/Vision appeals to you, and you have skills, energy and experience to contribute, please email John Freedom at

Technical Assistance for Research Available

If you are considering conducting a Single Subject Case Study, or any other form of research, please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. All ACEP members are eligible for support, feedback on your project and technical assistance. Also, the ACEP Research Committee holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of every month where research issues are discussed. For information and support, email John Freedom:

ACEP Still Seeking New Research Director:

We are still seeking a new Research Director at ACEP - someone who can navigate comfortably within an academic/scholarly setting, and provide leadership while we are establishing, researching and legitimizing a new branch of psychology/psychotherapy.

Our ideal candidate would be; 1) a PhD researcher or professor; 2) an accomplished author with peer reviewed publications; 3) have a body of work that may align or be parallel with the interests of this group; 4) have experience mentoring and overseeing research; 5) able to delegate while maintaining timelines; 6) experienced in budgeting funds for a research project; 7) experienced writing grant proposals; 8) able to assist with research design and statistical analysis; and 9) have a sense of Vision and Commitment to the fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medecine.

This is a volunteer position. What we can offer includes: the opportunity to join and work with a progressive, visionary organization; support for your own ideas and projects; a forum to discuss and explore cutting edge ideas and techniques; a leadership position, which may be a stepping stone to future endeavors; the opportunity to network with other researchers, and to mentor younger ones coming up in the field; and the opportunity to make a real difference in our world.

If you know anyone who may fit these criteria, please have them contact: John Freedom, Chair ACEP Research Committee,

Join ACEP's Fundraising Committee:
In order for ACEP to move forward to the next level of service in spreading the word about the benefits of Energy Psychology, we need to strengthen and expand our financial base. To that end, we are developing a Fundraising Committee. We're currently looking for people who have the skills, time and willingness to support this effort. If you are interested, please contact Debby Vajda, ACEP's President-Elect, at

ACEP's Free Webinar on EP Research, Theory and Practice
If you haven't seen it yet, this webinar is another great tool for spreading the word about EP's evidence of efficacy. CLICK HERE to watch and share.  

ACEP is Soliciting Videos from Members:

We're in the process of expanding the range of videos on our YouTube site and are looking to our members for high quality content.

The purpose of the ACEP YouTube site and, therefore, of the videos is to further the acceptance, understanding and integration of Energy Psychology by:

  • Sharing compelling human stories and testimonials
  • Teaching EP methods and best practices for delivery
  • Providing intelligent and respectful conversation to open the minds of skeptics

We also hope these videos inspire new support funding for ongoing clinical research. Videos less than 5 minutes in length will be given highest preference. Longer films will be considered if content is deemed to hold strong value.

Topics to Consider:

  • Client interviews, stories and testimonials
  • Practitioner experiences, stories and testimonials
  • Applications of EP for various emotional, mental and physical health challenges
  • EP methods and application demonstrations

Note: Compelling stories will be given highest consideration. It is also ACEP’s intention to represent a wide variety of EP modalities and solutions.

ACEP will be featuring only those videos that demonstrate practitioners working within the scope of practice taught within ACEP’s code of ethics. Films submitted by unlicensed practitioners treating DSM disorders will not be acceptable as featured videos.

Before submitting, please carefully read ACEP's video submission guidelines.
CLICK HERE to read the guidelines. To submit your video(s), send a link to Betsy Muller, ACEP Communications Chairman, at

NOTE: DO NOT send video files. Only valid web hosted video links will be considered.

Liability Insurance for EP Practitioners - Now Pro-Rated!
We are happy to announce changes to our ACEP Liability Insurance Program for Energy Practitioners that brings more benefits to our subscribers. As of April of this year, we have a new insurance carrier - Philadelphia Insurance Companies. They have been in operation since 1962 and A.M. Best Company has assigned Philadelphia Insurance an A++(Superior) rating. A.M. Best issues financial-strength ratings measuring an insurance company's ability to pay claims.

The good news, for you and us, is that we were able to expand our HTPA Insurance Program to now include Alaska. Another plus is that this is an annual policy that renews every year on April 1st so your premium is pro-rated based on the month you enroll. Coverage renews for a full year each April 1st. What hasn't changed is that coverage for a practitioner that is a member of ACEP is under $12 per month. CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW APPLICATION


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