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ACEP E-News - October, 2012
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ACEP's E-Newsletter • October, 2012

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In this Issue:

October Member Audio Giveaway

EP's Chinese Medicine Roots: Harmonizing with Nature

Plan Your End-of-Year Tax Deductible Donation to ACEP

Call for Research Papers for 3rd Annual Research Symposium

Check out ACEP Blog Highlights from the Past Month

Download the October 2012 Issue of The Energy Field

Technical Assistance for Research

EFT Workshops:
Upcoming Dates

CEP Workshops:
Upcoming Dates

Welcome to Our New ACEP Members!

Collective Healing: The Season of Gathering

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Welcome to ACEP's Member Newsletter!

ACEP's Member Monthly Audio Giveaway Program:
We hope you enjoyed your September download of Anodea Judith speaking on Core Awakening Through the Chakras.

The October member download is Nan Lu's presentation on Four Energy Gates: Allowing the River of Life to Flow from ACEP's 12th Annual Conference in 2010. To receive the mp3, CLICK HERE and sign in using your member login and password. You might also want to download an illustration of the four energy gate exercises Nan Lu expains in his lecture. CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

Note: The cost of ordering 12 individual conference recordings is over $200... another great reason to tell your friends and colleagues the benefits of joining ACEP.

Energy Psychology's TCM Roots: Harmonizing with Nature
With significant roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a practice of Energy Psychology is enhanced when reflecting on the energetic insights of chinese medicine regarding the seasons and their impact on us physically and emotionally.

The following is excerpted from The Work of Autumn: Cleaning Out Old Negativity, by Neil Gumenick, a teacher and practitioner of classical five-element acupuncture.

"In autumn we learn more about ourselves, perhaps, than in any other season. Having provided the harvest, Nature now makes everything bare. In this season Nature lets go of its abundant creation of the past year in a grand final display. Autumn marks the end of the growing season - a turning inward, a falling away of outer-directed energy. Leaves turn color and drop. The old leaves go back to the earth, enriching it to promote the coming of new leaves, a new harvest.

Nature instructs us about our own cycles of creating and letting go: Trees in autumn don't stubbornly hold onto their leaves because they might need them next year. Yet how many of us defy the cycle and hold onto what we've produced or collected - those decayed leaves, that old negativity? How can we hope for a fresh harvest next year unless we let go of the old and start afresh?

In Chinese medicine, autumn is the season of the element Metal (or air). Grief is the emotion of the Metal element. We all experience loss, separation, and "letting go," and we appropriately feel grief at those times. Grief cleanses us of what is no longer needed in our lives. When the energy of Metal is blocked or imbalanced within us, our expression of grief likewise becomes imbalanced and inappropriate. It may be excessive and ongoing. Or, in the other extreme, it may be absent, as in those who cannot express their grief."  

 To read Gumenick's entire article on Autumn and Metal Energy, CLICK HERE.


Planning Now for 2012 Tax-Deductible Donations to ACEP
With November just around the bend, we'll be toasting our champagne glasses to the promise of 2013 before we know it. ACEP has great plans for growth in the coming year, but, as always, will need your help to fulfill the vision and the mission.

Financial contributions are tax-deductible and can be directed toward EP research, humanitarian aid or the general fund. If you'd like to check this off your list now, you can easily donate online by CLICKING HERE.

As noted in last month's member E-News, ACEP has agreed to match donations received for EP Research, up to $5,000, between now and December 31, 2012. The money raised will go toward funding seed grants for new quality studies in Energy Psychology. It is our goal to fund four $5,000 seed grants in 2013.


3rd Annual Research Symposium Call for Research Papers
ACEP will be hosting its 3rd Annual Research Day Symposium in 2013. To this end, we are accepting research papers in the fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine to be presented at our international conference on Thursday, May 30, 2013 in Reston, VA. We are seeking empirical research, clinical single subject case studies, experimental design studies, randomized controlled studies and theoretical papers. Clinicians, new researchers and graduate students are especially encouraged to present. For details, go to The deadline to submit is February 1, 2013.

The ACEP Blog - Past Month Highlights
If you haven't had a chance to read our blog recently, here are the new posts from the past month.

The October 2012 Energy Field

If you somehow missed the October 2012 Energy Field newsletter, CLICK HERE to download your copy. It's chock-full of inspiring articles and book reviews.


Technical Assistance for Research Available
If you are considering conducting a Single Subject Case Study, or any other form of research, please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. All ACEP members are eligible for support, feedback on your project and technical assistance. Also, the ACEP Research Committee holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of every month where research issues are discussed. For information and support, email John Freedom:


Upcoming ACEP Workshops in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP):
Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues not to miss these highly acclaimed CEU programs – full calendar details are available by

EFT - Professional Skills 1
Nov 17-18, 2012 - New York, NY Mar 16-17, 2013 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Dec 1-2, 2012 - Philadelphia, PA April 20-21, 2013 - Santa Fe, NM
Feb 2-3, 2013 - San Antonio, TX  


EFT - Professional Skills 3
Nov 9-11, 2012 - Chicago, IL
Members of the certification program enrolled in EFT College now have priority access to the new EFT tutorial by Gary and Tina Craig that is not yet open to the public. Contact the ACEP office for more information:


Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level One
Nov 10-11, 2012 - Tampa, FL Feb 23-24, 2013 - Birmingham, AL
Dec 1-2, 2012 - Fort Worth, TX March 9-10, 2013 - Bethesda, MD

Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level Two
Jan 12-13, 2013 - Denver, CO Apr 13-14, 2013 - Birmingham, AL
Feb 9-10, 2013 - Tampa, FL June 3-4, 2013 - Reston, VA
Mar 16-17, 2013 - Ft. Worth, TX

Welcome New ACEP Members!
A hearty welcome to the 39 new members that have joined ACEP within the past month. Please reach out to our home office if you have any questions or would like to get more deeply involved with the organization. Email:, Phone: 619-861-2237.


Collective Healing: The Season of Gathering
It is Harvest time in part of the world. As you meditate this month, approach the gathering season as metaphor. It is an appropriate time to reflect on what has become dust or washed away in your life or your business, making room to glean fresh ideas, greater positive thinking, and creative endeavors. Hold your heart center, and move into collective gathering with your colleagues world-wide. Together, let us focus our collective mind on gathering world-wide acceptance for our work, awareness that our medicine is simple and inexpensive, and that all citizens of the world have the right to basic health-care.


Connect and Converse with Us!

ACEP MEMBERS YAHOO GROUP: Do you want to connect with other ACEP members to share questions, ideas, experiences, training opportunities, and much more?  Join the ACEP Members Yahoo group here: Remember to indicate that you are an ACEP member.

SOCIAL MEDIA: In addition to breaking news, monthly mp3 giveaways and tips for self care with EP, we will be sending reminders about upcoming workshops for you to share with your friends around the globe. Follow us on  Twitter, like our ACEP Facebook group, and come talk about EP on our ACEP LinkedIn group

ACEP is still seeking a research director and soliciting videos from members.


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