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Why should an EFT professional become certified in EFT? (old)
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Why should an EFT professional become certified in EFT?
  •  Professional Results: If you are advertising yourself as a professional and charging for your services, your skills should go far beyond the EFT basics or what a client could do on their own.  Otherwise, why would they hire you?
  • Validating your Skills: Learning EFT online seems easy enough, but without evaluation from an experienced source, it’s hard to know if you are truly prepared to work with the public.
  • Confidence with Complex Cases: Many clients will present issues that are more complex than you expect.  A certification process can equip you to get results in cases where you might otherwise get stuck.
  • From the Founder: After all of his own experience, the Founder of EFT recognizes the value of advanced training and certification for professional practice with EFT.  Here is what he says.
Why should an EFT professional become certified in EFT through ACEP?
  • Quality: The ACEP program includes direct observation (via video) and valuable feedback on specific skills.  This is the gold standard of training.  Furthermore, you are being observed and given feedback from Tina Craig herself.
  • Official EFT: The ACEP program is designed and directed by Tina Craig, the co-author of the "Official EFT Tutorial” at   You simply cannot find training with higher fidelity to Official EFT. 
  • Full Strength: Many of the independent EFT variations stay on the surface of an issue and compromise the true effectiveness of EFT. Becoming certified with ACEP helps to assure you and your clients that you are using "full strength” EFT.
  • Specializing in Professional Practice:  While other programs are addressing a wide variety of EFT practitioners, trainers, and self help enthusiasts, our program is designed specifically for professional, one-on-one practice. Our students are already established in the field, so we can use a more advanced curriculum and move quickly into more advanced skills.
  • Consistency: While other programs employ an unlimited number of independent trainers, and may encourage individual variations and styles, we use a small group of well trained, professional instructors. Consistency is a priority in this program, and every student walks away with exactly the same training.
  • Continuing Education Credits: If you are a mental health professional you can get continuing education credit for much of your training.
  • Visibility: Once certification is complete you are listed on   This site gets over 600 searches every month.  This credential is recognized on as the highest quality available.   The director of our program is also the co-author of the Official EFT Tutorial so all the referral requests she receives from are directed to ACEP Certified EFT Practitioners. 
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