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ACEP E-News - February, 2013
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ACEP's E-Newsletter • February, 2013

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In this Issue:

Super Early Bird Conference Pricing Ends February 11

Important Rebuttal to Erroneous Article in Social Work Practice

Do You have 5 Hours a Month to Help ACEP Make a Greater Impact in the World?

CEHP Webinar Training Now Schedule April 12 - May 17, 2013

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ACEP Blog Highlights

ACEP's Monthly Audio Download for Members

Send Students to the 2013 EP Conference

Volunteer to help with this year's Silent Auction at the Conference

EFT and CEP Workshops:
Upcoming Dates

Congrats to our recent DCEP and EFT-ACP graduates!

Welcome to Our New ACEP Members!

Collective Healing:

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Come Home to Your Heart-Centered Community!

Register Now for the 15th Annual EP Conference

(Best Pricing Ends Monday, February 11) 

We recently compiled a video of testimonials from conference attendees in 2012 discussing the value of gathering each year with fellow EP practitioners. Enjoy!

We hope you'll take advantage of the special pricing by February 11 and join us in Reston this May 30-June 2.

To download the brochure for this milestone event, CLICK HERE.

To view event details online or to register, CLICK HERE.

FYI:  The print brochure will be arriving in mail boxes the first week of March.


Important Rebuttal to Erroneous Article in the journal of
Research on Social Work Practice  

An article that appeared last November in the journal of Research on Social Work Practice presented energy psychology and its "energy meridian techniques" as falling within pseudoscience, having no research support, and no credible theory backing it. Besides ignoring substantial evidence to the contrary on all three assertions, the paper went on to suggest that the proponents of EP lack critical thinking ability, promote erroneous health beliefs, and should be made to undergo additional training and education to help them overcome their "affinity toward controversial therapies.” Along the way, the authors also leveled personal attacks against leaders within EP. 

Four practitioners and researchers in the EP community have written a powerful rebuttal that decimates the arguments presented in the paper: Eric Leskowitz, MD (Harvard Medical School), Mary Sise, LCSW (former ACEP President), Phyllis Stein, PhD (Washington University School of Medicine), and Anthony Tranguch, MD, PhD (Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons). Their paper is currently under review by the journal that published the original paper.

The authors of the paper that is being rebutted, Gaudiano, Brown, and Miller (2012), clearly thought poorly of energy psychology methods before they even began their study. Instead of letting quality research guide their study, they picked and chose a couple (old) studies to back up their a priori assertions. The lead researcher, Gaudiano, wrote another scathing article against EP back in 2000.

Gaudiano et al. argued that energy psychology methods, such as EFT or TFT, don’t have research support. This clearly ignores the many recent studies that have shown EP to be effective for helping clients with a variety of issues.

The rebuttal is so important because, while energy psychology continues to gain traction, we can’t enable unsubstantiated claims to be leveled against EP without pointing out why they are wrong. Incorrect claims can become insidious and if they are allowed to stand, eventually they will be accepted as truth in people’s consciousness. That is why we’re pointing to this rebuttal and asking that you share it with others in the field.

Make More Impact!
With 5 Hours a Month, You Can Help ACEP Have Greater Impact in the World
We all know that ACEP does a fabulous job of increasing knowledge and skills in energy psychology. And there is so much more that we'd like to do! Creating more webinars - providing professional continuing ed through online and print events - funding that major research project which will help energy psychology get blessed by the establishment as an evidence-based approach and open many doors for us - offering services to vets across America - the list is long and our plate is currently very full. To add anything else will require more staff time and more money.

Few members have been drawn to the idea of joining a fundraising committee. But would you join a Helping ACEP Do More Committee

We're looking for people who can contribute about 5 hours per month, are open to learning new skills, and are enthusiastic about helping ACEP have a greater impact in the world. If that description fits you, please contact ACEP President, Debby Vajda, at  We look forward to hearing from you!

CEHP Webinar Series Scheduled for April 12 - May 17, 2013
With Dorothea Hover-Kramer's passing last month, we had to push back th
e Ethical Client Care and Facilitation in Energy Psychology webinar training dates for CEHP certification candidates. Stephanie Eldringhoff will be taking Dorothea's place for the first two webinars and the entire six week series has now been put on calendar. Each webinar will take place on Friday at 12 noon Eastern time on the following dates:

  • Unit 1, April 12: Overview of Ethics and Professional Standards for EHP
    Certification Candidates with Stephanie Eldringhoff
  • Unit 2, April 19: Specific Aspects of the Helping Relationship (Scope of practice considerations) with Stephanie Edringhoff
  • Unit 3, April 26: Client Care & Facilitation Skills for EHPs (and others!) with Greg Nicosia
  • Unit 4, May 3: Creative Approaches to Impasses and Deepening Access to Non-Conscious information with Greg Nicosia
  • Unit 5, May 10: Recognizing and Assessing Trauma with Lynn Mary Karjala
  • Unit 6, May 17: Trauma Treatment: If, When and How with Lynn Mary Karjala

Shopping in 2013? Keep Using Amazon to Support ACEP
Whether you're buying clothing, books, furniture or appliances through Amazon, all of these purchases can continue supporting the mission of ACEP throughout the year. Please use THIS LINK to get to their site. A portion of every sale will be donated to ACEP. 

The ACEP Blog - Past Month Highlights:
If you haven't had a chance to read our blog recently, here are the new posts from the past month.

ACEP's Monthly Audio Download for Members:
We hope you enjoyed your January download and were able to participate along with Tapas Fleming's TAT session in her breakout Timeless Self, Endless Happiness.

The February member download is Fred Gallo's keynote on Energy (NOT) Tapping for Trauma from ACEP's 10th Annual Conference in 2008. We hope you Enjoy!

To receive the mp3, CLICK HERE and sign in using your member login and password.

Send Students to the 2013 Conference!
ACEP offers three full-tuition scholarships to attend our annual conference for full-time grad students in psychology, social work or counseling. April 1st is the deadline for students applying for a scholarship. So, if you know any students who qualify, please have them get in touch with John Freedom to apply at

For those who do not receive the scholarship, we offer substantial discounts (approximately 50% off) to all currently registered full-time graduate and undergraduate students. Student ID required.

Help make our conference silent auction a success by volunteering with ACEP's Immediate Past President, Carole Stern

ACEP's past-president, Carole Stern, is putting together a silent auction committee for the 15th Annual Conference. If you're looking for a fun volunteer assignment, this could be for you. If interested, please contact Carole Stern at

Upcoming ACEP Workshops in EFT and CEP:
Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues not to miss these highly acclaimed CEU programs – full calendar details are available by

EFT - Professional Skills 1
Mar 16-17, 2013 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL April 20-21, 2013 - Santa Fe, NM


Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level One
Feb 23-24, 2013 - Birmingham, AL March 9-10, 2013 - Bethesda, MD

Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level Two
Mar 16-17, 2013 - Ft. Worth, TX June 3-4, 2013 - Reston, VA
Apr 13-14, 2013 - Birmingham, AL

Congratulations to our new DCEP and ACP-EFT Certification Graduates! We are so pleased to have Kristin Miller join our community of DCEP certified practitioners - and to welcome Tamzin Freeman as a member of our ACP-EFT certified practitioners. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to this transformative field.

Welcome New ACEP Members!

A hearty welcome to the new members that have joined ACEP within the past month. Please reach out to our home office if you would like the past issue of our member newsletter with the free audio download. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get more deeply involved with the organization. Email:, Phone: 619-861-2237.


Collective Healing: The Power of Connection
This month let's focus together on the power of connection in our relationships.
Use your favorite energetic strategy and think and feel about your connections... your intimate relationships, other close relationships and friendships, work relationships, EP relationships, relationships in your spiritual community. Notice what relationships need healing, what relationships nurture you, what relationships you can offer healing from a distance. Continue with your energy strategies letting go of fear, anger, grief, and angst. Take a deep breath and and now focus on love, grace, forgiveness and gratitude.

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Next Level of the Healing High Rise: EP Event in Brussels May 6-8, 2013

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