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ACEP E-News - June, 2013
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ACEP's E-Newsletter • June, 2013

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In this Issue:

New CEP and EFT Workshops Announced for Fall and Winter

TCM Perspective: The Energy of Summer

Update on "Our Plate is Full" Campaign

Other Fundraising News

2013 Conference Audio and Video Available for Purchase Online

Need a High Seas Healing Adventure this Nov 2-9? ACEP Members Save $75 by June 30.

ACEP Blog Highlights

Monthly mp3 Audio Download for Members

Have Some Success or other EP News to Share?

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New CEP and EFT Workshop Dates and Locations

Congrats to Our New DCEP and CEHP Graduates!

Collective Healing

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New CEP and EFT Workshops Announced for Fall and Winter

At long last, we've pinned down the dates and locations for our upcoming CEP and EFT workshops around the US in late 2013 and early 2014. The schedule is outlined at the end of this newsletter, or can also be accessed through our EVENT CALENDAR

If you sense there is a high demand for these workshops in your area and feel you can help gather 20+ practitioners, we are always open to discussing the possibility of adding a training to our calendar. Email Bob Schwarz at to inquire further about this.

TCM Perspective: The Energy of Summer
By Neil Gumenick, L.Ac.

We experience Fire, one of the elemental powers, most fully in the season of summer, the time when young energy that arose in the spring expands to its maximum potential. We, who are part of Nature just as surely as all that surrounds us, can enhance our own health by understanding the special functions of the hottest of all the seasons. Through this awareness we can help balance our own Fire energy.

When Nature’s energy flourishes and blossoms in the summer, it is time to enjoy the fruit from the seeds we have planted and the visions and plans we have made. If a tree doesn’t flower and bear fruit, there can be no harvest; for us, similarly, if we do not allow ourselves to flower during this season, we will deprive ourselves of a late summer harvest to carry us through the year. Autumn, the season of letting go, will be all the more difficult for us if we haven’t experienced the fruition of our hopes and plans.
To read the complete article, CLICK HERE

Update on "Our Plate is Full" Campaign! 

As many of you know, ACEP's Development Committee has recently launched a pledge campaign to raise money to hire additional staff. We do a great job with all the tasks we currently handle but our plate is full. In order to have a greater impact spreading the word about energy psychology, we need your help.

It's a new campaign. To date, nine people have made monthly pledges, totaling $895. Eight additional people have made one-time donations, totaling $610. Over the course of a year, this equals $11,350. That's 14% of our initial goal.  What a great start!

Please consider how much energy psychology has done to change your life. Then think about pledging one client hour per month (whatever your usual fee is) to help bring that gift to more people.  If that's not possible, can you pledge a half hour or quarter hour?

A donation form is available by

Questions? Feel free to contact Debby Vajda at

Thanks so much for your support!

In Other Fundraising News...

We'd like to thank everyone who bid at the Conference Silent Auction ($2,600 collected so far on the winning bids), all who attended the Friday evening music and movie events ($500 raised) and all who purchased a copy of the Joy of Sox ($300 raised). With all these forms of support, we're steadily expanding EP's reach in the world. If you have a creative way to raise funds or contribute to the cause, share your ideas with us by emailing


2013 Conference Audio and Video - Order Now!

If you didn't pre-order the conference audio or keynote DVDs, they're now available for purchasing online. The whole conference is available in mp3 format for $199 and/or you can purchase all 5 keynotes on DVD for $125. CLICK HERE to peruse all the fabulous content.


Need a High Seas Healing Adventure this November?

Cruise to the Caribbean from November 2-9 to explore 3 tropical islands and learn from 15+ world class healing visionaries (including ACEP past-president Mary Sise)!

ACEP is providing up to 18 CE's for mental health professionals - and even if you don't need them, this event may be tax-deductible as professional development.

At $1197, this luxurious cruise-based conference costs less than an average hotel would for 7-nights. And you get so much more... Integrative health classes, holistic workshops, private parties, unlimited upscale food, all kinds of live music, comedy and entertainment - even shows like Blue Man Group and Cirque Dreams!  ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF $1197 (per person, double occupancy)

Sign up by June 30th to save an extra $75 off with coupon code: ACEPmember

Click here for full details


The ACEP Blog - Past Month Highlights:
If you haven't had a chance to read our blog recently, here are the new posts from the past month.

ACEP's Monthly Audio Download for Members:
We hope you enjoyed your May download featuring Ruthanne and Louis Carioso's "Pathways to Radiant Loving: The Energetics of Partnership" breakout session.

The June member download is Robert Bray's breakout entitled What Do You Say in Response to "I Did the Technique But I Am Not Completely Healed" from ACEP's 13th Annual Conference in 2011. Bon Apetit!

To receive the mp3, CLICK HERE and sign in using your member login and password.

Have some Success or Other EP News to Share? 
We'd love to highlight member EP news on a monthly basis. So, if you have something to share, please send your submission for consideration to Emily Snider by the 20th of the month prior to publication at

Shopping in 2013? Keep Using Amazon to Support ACEP
Whether you're buying clothing, books, furniture or appliances through Amazon, all of these purchases can continue supporting the mission of ACEP throughout the year. Please use THIS LINK to get to their site. A portion of every sale will be donated to ACEP. 

Upcoming ACEP Workshops in EFT and CEP:
Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues not to miss these highly acclaimed
12 CE programs – full calendar details are available by

EFT - Professional Skills 1
Oct 11-12, 2013 - Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 13-14 - St. Louis, MO
Nov 8-9, 2013 - Santa Clara, CA Nov 10-11, 2013 - Pasadena, CA
Jan 18-19, 2014 - Honolulu, HI Feb 21-22, 2014 - Denver, CO
Feb 23-24, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ  


Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level One
Sept 21-22, 2013 - Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 12-13, 2013 - Oklahoma City, OK
Oct 19-20, 2013 - Houston, TX
Nov 2-3, 2013 - San Diego, CA
Nov 9-10, 2013 - Salt Lake City, UT March, 2014 (date TBA) - Las Vegas, NV
Feb, 2014 (date TBA) - LA, CA March 29-30, 2014 - Santa Fe, NM
April, 2014 (date TBA) - Ann Arbor, MI May 28-29, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

Congratulations to our new DCEP and CEHP Graduates! We are so pleased to have Marla Dow, Faye Kimura, Ashton Smith and Tara Wenig join our community of DCEP practitioners - and to welcome Joyce Steindler as our newest CEHP practitioner.  Congratulations to all on your hard work and dedication to this transformative field.

Collective Healing: The Absence of Love

At our recent conference Dr. Eben Alexander who wrote Proof of Heaven said that evil does not exist as we think of it, it is merely the absence of love.

Let us then bring our collective love together to focus on those places in our lives, our communities and the world that are void of love. Call in the Infinite universal energy to come through us and around us. In that place choose your preferred energy strategy and spread the Love! Where there is abuse, misunderstanding, crime, hate, or war fill this absence with the energy of love. let's experiment and see what happens.

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