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ACEP E-News - July, 2013
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ACEP's E-Newsletter • July, 2013

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In this Issue:

Connecting Rwanda and Sandy Hook Trauma Survivors for Powerful Healing

Member Discount on Explore, the Journal of Science and Healing

ACEP is Hiring (and continuing to raise funds to support new staff)

Committee Report: CEP Certification Committee

What's Happening at ACEP Headquarters

Conference Audio: Order Now!

ACEP Blog Highlights

Monthly mp3 Audio Download for Members

EP in the Media

Wikipedia Challenge

Have Some Success or other EP News to Share?

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New CEP and EFT Workshop Dates and Locations

Collective Healing

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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "EP itself is a grassroots movement that ultimately is bigger than our professional identity as psychologists [and helping professionals]. It is about human beings reclaiming something that we all have the ability to do, that is, natural healing. It's time for us as individuals to recognize how much we can help to heal ourselves." -Larry Stoler, PhD, past president of ACEP

Lighting the Way: Connecting Rwanda and Sandy Hook Trauma Survivors for Powerful Healing with EFT

"I feel so blessed… it’s extraordinary what happens when we follow our hearts,” shared psychologist and ACEP member, Lori Leyden in a recent interview.

For the past seven months, Lori has been living and working in Newtown, CT (having relocated from California) helping to build an EFT-focused community-based model of trauma relief and resiliency training in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that shook the world last December.

"The shootings happened on December 14 and I was in Newtown on December 18,” said Leyden. "Given my experience working with orphaned genocide survivors in Rwanda, I just knew I had to be there. I knew healing was possible even in the most horrific of circumstances.”...


Discount on Explore: A Great Member Benefit

One of the many benefits we offer to our members is a significant discount on a subscription to the Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

Explore addresses the scientific principles behind, and applications of, evidence-based healing practices from a wide variety of sources, including conventional, alternative, and cross-cultural medicine.

It is an interdisciplinary journal that explores the healing arts, consciousness, spirituality, eco-environmental issues, and basic science as all these fields relate to health.

Regular subscription is $89. A subscription for ACEP members is only $39.

To subscribe at the ACEP member discount rate, CLICK HERE.

ACEP is Hiring (and continuing to raise funds for more staff):  

Thank you to all who have contributed so far to our "Plate is Full" fundraising campaign to hire additional staff. With $1,015 raised in monthly pledges so far, we're on our way to being able to increase our organizational capacity and expand the reach of EP throughout the world.

But we still have a ways to go to reach our goal! 

If you love the work you do and feel that ACEP is instrumental in offering you a community of support and action in this field, please consider pledging one client hour per month (whatever your usual fee is) to help bring the gift of EP to more people. If that's not possible, can you pledge $10 or $20 per month?

We welcome any financial support you are able to give at this time. A donation form is available by
Thank you again to all who have contributed so far.

TWO POSITIONS OPEN: If you know of someone in the Philadelphia area who may be interested in and eligible for one of the two positions we're seeking to fill, send them THIS LINK. We'll be conducting interviews later this month for both positions.


Committee Report: CEP Certification Committee

Don't want to have to wait until next year's membership meeting at the conference to get an update on our committees? A new feature of hte eNews will be to highlight one of our committees each month. We'll start off with the CEP Certification Committee, whose members include Lynn Karjala (chair), Stephanie Eldringhoff, Michael Galvin, Joanne Karpinen, Greg Nicosia and Gary Peterson.

Major accomplishments by the committee this past year have included:

  • Completing another series of the Essential Skills workshops. We brought the workshops to several new cities this year, including Chicago, Denver, Ft. Worth and Birmingham. For the first time, we also offered a Level 1 as a precon at the conference this year, as well as the usual Level 2 postcon.
  • Completing the trainers' training.  As of the Level 2 workshop at the conference, all of our instructors will have been approved as Full Trainers for both levels.
  • Revising the Level 1 PowerPoint and manual.  Based on our first year's experience of teaching the courses, the committee has worked very hard on the revision and has significantly improved both the content and the style of the materials.  The revision of Level 1 is now almost complete, and Level 2 will follow later this year.
  • Launching the webinar series that replaces the former 1-day workshop for CEHP candidates.  The first run of the webinar series has been completed.  There were technical difficulties that prevented the recording of one of the units, but otherwise all six presentations seemed to go very well.

Questions? Feel free to contact Lynn at


Hello from Headquarters: What's Happening at the ACEP Office this Summer? 

In years past, the post conference rhythm at the office has typically been a little more slow paced. But this summer our "to do" list to runs for pages and pages. While this can at times be daunting, we relish in what it signifies: that ACEP is continuosly growing and improving its infrastructure, training and certification offerings. Here are a few highlights of what's being attended to this summer (beyond the normal tasks of daily communication with the public and maintaining our EFT and CEP certification programs):

  • Finalizing hotel contracts for the next several months of CEP and EFT Workshops.
    CLICK HERE for upcoming dates.
  • We're excited to reveal a whole new look and feel to our CEP and EFT Workshop brochures (which should be landing in your mailbox at the end of this month). Here's a preview of the EFT brochure and the CEP brochure.
  • Managing the "Full Plate" monthly pledge drive.
  • Defining new roles for ACEP's capacity-building campaign and initiating a search for new talent. We will be holding interviews for our two positions later this month. Stay tuned for new staff introductions.
  • Preparing for a major web migration: Our current host, Affiniscape, has merged with, making it mandatory for us to migrate all our web data to the new host platform and rebuild the front end of the site. This is the largest project facing us at present - but we're hopeful that it will leave us with more robust tools for both internal committee communication, project management and member support - as well as easier ways for us to grow our membership and training attendance through affiliate referrals.

2013 Conference Audio and Video - Order Now!

If you didn't pre-order the conference audio or keynote DVDs, they're now available for purchasing online. The whole conference is available in mp3 format for $199 and/or you can purchase all 5 keynotes on DVD for $125. CLICK HERE to peruse and purchase.

The ACEP Blog - Past Month Highlights:
If you haven't had a chance to read our blog recently, here are the new posts from the past month.

ACEP's Monthly Audio Download for Members:
We hope you enjoyed your June download featuring Robert Bray's breakout session from our 13th Annual Conference.

The July member download is Midge Murphy's breakout entitled Risk Management Tools and EFT from ACEP's 11th Annual Conference in 2009. Bon Apetit!

To receive the mp3, CLICK HERE and sign in using your member login and password.

EP in the Media:
We are creating a listing of articles and mentions of EP (EFT, TFT, TAT, etc) in the popular press and media over the past five years. If you know of/have any articles or mentions, please send:

Article name + author
Magazine/newspaper/blog + date + URL

to Emily Snider:

Wikipedia Challenge:
Some of you may be aware that Wikipedia appears to have a dedicated cadre (cabal?) of editors who, under the guise of promoting ‘objectivity’ have published negative articles about EFT, TFT and other CAM modalities on Wikipedia.  

We are in the process of researching wiki rules and challenging the wiki skeptics. This will require a team effort over several months. We already have a small dedicated group being focalized by Vicki Allen and Jeff Tyson.

If you have energy/interest for this issue, please join us! (Take a look at the wiki entry for Emotional Freedom Techniques and its Talk Page.)

To join us in these efforts, please contact:
Vicki Allen: and Jeff Tyson:

Have some Success or Other EP News to Share? 
We'd love to highlight member EP news on a monthly basis. So, if you have something to share, please send your submission for consideration to Emily Snider by the 20th of the month prior to publication at

Shopping in 2013? Keep Using Amazon to Support ACEP
Whether you're buying clothing, books, furniture or appliances through Amazon, all of these purchases can continue supporting the mission of ACEP throughout the year. Please use THIS LINK to get to their site. A portion of every sale will be donated to ACEP. 

Upcoming ACEP Workshops in EFT and CEP:
Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues not to miss these highly acclaimed
12 CE programs – full calendar details are available by

EFT - Professional Skills 1
Oct 11-12, 2013 - Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 13-14 - St. Louis, MO
Nov 8-9, 2013 - Santa Clara, CA Nov 10-11, 2013 - Pasadena, CA
Jan 18-19, 2014 - Honolulu, HI Feb 21-22, 2014 - Denver, CO
Feb 23-24, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ  


Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level One
Sept 21-22, 2013 - Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 12-13, 2013 - Oklahoma City, OK
Oct 19-20, 2013 - Houston, TX
Nov 2-3, 2013 - San Diego, CA
Nov 9-10, 2013 - Salt Lake City, UT Feb, 2014 (date TBA) - LA, CA
March 29-30, 2014 - Santa Fe, NM April 26-27, 2014 - Ann Arbor, MI
May 28-29, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

Collective Healing: In Service

As we focus together this month, let's offer our collective energy (while using your preferred energy psychology strategy) to all of the clients that we serve. May their grief, trauma and dis-ease be released and their will to live fully be restored. May they live in the worry-free vibration of joy, love, grace, gratitude and forgiveness. And may the healing that results from this focusing extend to positively impact their families and communities.

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