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EFT Certification FAQs
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ACEP EFT Certification FAQs

Will ACEP still be offering DCEP and CEHP Certifications in Comprehensive Energy Psychology? 
Yes, absolutely.

Does this mean that ACEP is becoming an EFT organization?

No. One of the biggest concerns that the ACEP Board had about launching this program was that it might be perceived by the rest of the energy psychology world that ACEP was becoming a totally EFT organization. In fact, some people already perceive ACEP as an EFT-centric organization.    

ACEP has been and always will be dedicated to an eclectic approach to energy health methods based on meridian, chakra or biofield interventions. The launching of this certification program does not change that. We are continuing our foundational certification program, offering both Diplomate and Certified Health Practitioner certifications in comprehensive energy psychology and we will entertain additional specialty certification programs in other methods if they meet our criteria. 

Why did ACEP decide to offer a Certification program in EFT?
  1. It is the most commonly used modality among our members
  2. Most current completed research is EFT based 
  3. There is a great need to raise the bar in training and practice throughout the energy psychology field
  4. Tina's interest in working with us was a great an opportunity, particularly considering the first four points
  5. In many ways this is a test. If this works as well as we expect, then ACEP would like to add other modalities that have a large member base, a research base and qualified leaders and instructors who want to partner with ACEP.

Do I have to be a licensed mental health professional to become certified?
  • No. This track is open to all others who meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Hold a license or registration in an allied helping profession (e.g., acupuncturist, chiropractor, physician, nurse, or dentist)
  • Hold an advanced degree, certification or authorization in a helping field (e.g., healing touch, mediator, focusing trainer, educator or child care professional, holistic health practitioner, coach, career counselor, authorized hospice worker, massage therapist, reflexologist, clergy, Heilpraktikum, etc.) 
  • Have a mental health-related job title working for either a governmental or nongovernmental agency (e.g., crisis counselor, child custody worker, probation officer, etc.)
  • Verify having practiced a minimum of two years (2500 hrs) while marketing oneself to the public as a helping professional, using a title in which no licensure, registration or certification requirements exist in one’s location, in that specialty area.

Will I have to sign an agreement, once I become certified in EFT?
Yes you will. It is very similar to the agreements for the DCEP and CEHP Certifications in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. CLICK HERE to see a copy.   

During consultation will I be able to present videos in a language other than English?
We are sorry, but until we expand the program into other languages, all video sessions must be conducted in English (by both practitioner and client). Once we are able to consider other languages, our first choice will be to work with those who are certified by our program, so if you speak two languages and are able to submit your sessions in English, you may get the chance to help spread EFT in your country. 

If I become certified in EFT, will I be certified to teach EFT courses?
The credentials in this program represent highly qualified practitioners of EFT. They do not evaluate or represent the participants' skill in teaching EFT. While holding this certification does not preclude anyone from teaching EFT independently, it does not include certification as an EFT trainer or instructor. You cannot represent that your ACEP EFT certification makes you a better trainer or that you teach a better version of EFT. This is covered in the agreement that you will sign.

I have tons of training in EFT. Can I be grandparented?
That option was open for two years, but it has expired. If you have previous training, you may be able to skip the first step, Professional skills 1, and go directly to Professional Skills 2.

If I already have a DCEP or CEHP, does that count for anything toward EFT certification?
Yes, it does. If you have already earned a DCEP or CEHP, there are a number of discounts throughout the EFT certification program that can save you 20% on PS2 as well as the certification application in step 4. 

Does ACEP offer CEs for the certification? 
ACEP offers CEs for the live workshops. We also hope to offer CEs for the webinars and the home study. Our ability to do so will depend on the relevant licensing organizations such as NBCC or ASWB. Certification can be used toward ACEP CEs to maintain your DCEP or CEHP.

Will I need to renew my certifications? 
Yes, renewals are every two years. You will need 12 CE Credits in EFT or energy psychology. You will also need to maintain your membership in ACEP and pay the $125 renewal fee.

This is so exciting. How do I become a member?  
You can join now by CLICKING HERE 

More Questions?
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