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EFT Certification Consultation
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EFT Certification Consultation with Tina Craig


One-on-one consultation is an opportunity for you to receive individual attention and specific feedback on your skills. It is also an opportunity for us to be sure you meet the proficiency levels of this program. We conduct this phase with a friendly, supportive atmosphere to eliminate the pressure of an all-or-nothing, pass-or-fail requirement. You will have the opportunity to redo exercises that need improvement and we will make every effort to be sure you understand what is expected at each step.

Most participants complete certification with an increased sense of confidence, knowing that their skills are solid and that they can provide their clients with the most powerful EFT tools available.

In order to evaluate your skills with the tools you have learned, we have designed exercises for you to complete on video with clients. Those exercises are almost identical to the practice rounds you have completed in the workshops, so there aren’t any big surprises. We want to see a more refined level of skill as a result of the coaching calls and additional practice, but the tools are the same.



Exercises at Certified Practitioner Level:
Tell the Story Technique – Three exercises, three different clients. We expect to see a Preframe about the EFT process, baseline testing on the presenting issue before getting started, use Tell the Story Technique on a related event until the intensity is clear, then re-test the presenting issue for progress. We look for accuracy with the points, effectiveness of language, the quality of your questions, and containment of the client’s focus. More specific instructions will be provided for each exercise as you go through the process.



Exercises at Certified Advanced Practitioner Level:

We expect the same level of proficiency that you developed with Tell the Story at the previous level, and add the following:


Movie Technique – Demonstrate that you can clear an event effectively without details. We continue to test presenting issues, then add more testing methods including Tell the Story Technique to be sure the event is actually clear.
Tearless Trauma Technique – Demonstrate that you use language with purpose to stay on the outskirts of a traumatic event. We follow this with the Movie Technique on the details of the event, and then thorough testing.

Constricted Breathing and Chasing the Pain – Demonstrate that you can take the edge off of an event using Constricted Breathing Technique and then work through the details of an event with Chasing the Pain, working only with a detailed description of physical discomfort. Again, we test completely.

With all of the above, more specific instructions will be provided once you have registered.



Charges and Logistics:

Consultation is conducted by Tina Craig, the Director of our Program, and the fee is $100 per hour. Including the length of the video and the time it takes to prepare feedback, each exercise requires on average between 1.5 and 2.5 hours of consultation time. You can pay as you go, but we do require that each new exercise is submitted within 60 days of the previous one.

Feedback for each exercise is delivered by email attachment so that we can maintain accurate records. If you would like to receive feedback or ask questions by phone or Skype, that service is always available, but please understand that we have to charge for the additional time. Questions submitted by email about feedback are generally answered free of charge.



Call Leslie at 619-861-2237 or E-mail:


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