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EFT Professional Skills 1 Workshop Testimonials
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Rave Reviews for EFT PS1 in the US and Canada 

"It is great learning from someone who believes in what he is doing rather than presenting concepts on a page. Michael’s inner fiber lives the EFT concepts, and it shows, making learning more meaningful." 
Mina Singh

"Positive. Uplifting. Informative. Cutting edge. I can’t wait to be one of the trailblazers of pure EFT!" 
Jackie Frangis

"I feel more confident now about using EFT with my patients. Great trainer! Very knowledgeable." 
Sharon King

"I deeply and completely accept myself! And [Michael] as an instructor. Thank you for sharing this!"  
J. Wayne Ball

"This is great! I got more than I thought I would! Thank you very much Michael!" 
Art Wienandt

"Invaluable. A simple, easy way to enter EFT." 
Susan Crampton Davis

"Great tool – pragmatic – wholistic – methodical – empowering." 
T. Regan

"I am very impressed with the expertise and well-rounded and balanced approach to this technique."
Steven Williams

"I’m very excited to continue on with more training and certification."
Adrienne Wolf 

Los Angeles
"I learned why I was blocking my own successful use of EFT." 
T. Gutierrez

"Awesome! A fun weekend filled with powerful techniques for alleviating "blocked energy.” 
Jorge Ribeiro

"I am inspired at a level of 10!"  
Diane Smith

"I was not expecting to learn as much as I have. I am thrilled and so happy that I decided to attend this workshop. Michael is a dynamic, fun and incredibly knowledgeable teacher. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from him. I enjoyed every second of it!!"  
Kimberly Garibaldi

"Michael was so interesting with his hat, maps and visual aids!"  
Rosalind Monahan

"I walked in with very little knowledge and after completing the class, I am confident I can help myself and others how to use EFT with specific events."
Eva Dobilas

"I’m excited to put the procedures into practice for my personal growth. Michael was knowledgeable and entertaining. It was great to be in a room full of caring professionals dedicated to enlightenment."  
Marie Capizzi


"All positive. I’ve learned a lot and look forward to using EFT on myself and with my clients as a new healing tool."
Nancy Minson

"Michael was great. I really enjoyed the way he taught the seminar, especially the "Indiana Jones” exploring journey."
Sonja Ams

"Great way to enhance CBT and move clients to a place where they have confidence."
Joyce Willis

New Orleans
"Wow! How powerful! How flexible regarding many issues that can be addressed! You can see physical changes happening before your eyes." 
Sammye Morvay Pisan

"Simple, effective and efficient techniques. Well organized and taught." 
Stephen McDavid, DO

"I feel confident in what I learned and want to continue with it." 
Christi Sabin

"I am amazed at how much I learned this weekend. After tapping I feel free of so many disruptions." 
Leslie Hunter


"Just right amount of material covered and time to practice concepts. Very relaxed and productive weekend."
Jane Wolfe

"Thrilled that I signed up for this training and got a tremendous amount of information, practice and confidence from material and Michael."
Karen Fayden

"This is one of the most useful workshops I have ever attended. Everyone attending was engulfed for the full two days. Great presentation."
Denise Plunkett

"Positive and clear. I feel much more informed about EFT. The workshop clarified some misunderstandings in a very straightforward way. I especially enjoyed the Skype time with Tina Craig." 
Susan Yazdanmehr

"I have attended many previous EFT trainings and I think that this one was the best in terms of organization, sequencing, instruction and clarity of answers to questions."
Patty Harrigan

Ready to learn more? 

Take your first step with EFT Professional Skills 1 (EFT PS1)
EFT PS1 is a two-day workshop that serves as the gateway to the ACEP EFT Certification Program. EFT PS1 can also be taken as a stand alone workshop.

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