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EFT Professional Skills 2 Workshop Testimonials
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Rave Reviews for EFT Professional Skills 2


I learned that the levels of safety for the client are represented in the techniques - Tell the Story, Movie Technique, Tearless Trauma, Chasing the Pain. This was a reminder of the intensive importance of being very, very specific. I plan to incorporate this even more into my practice.
Constance Wells, PhD, HHP

I commend you on putting together workshops that are well thought out and presented in a way that I can use my new skills immediately.
Sylvia Boden, LCSW

A significant improvement on previous level of skill. I now feel much more comfortable using EFT in a wider variety of situations. Michael is a fabulous trainer. He brings a wide variety of education to the approaches as well as exceptional knowledge of the subject.

Dan Haycraft, MD

I have truly come to appreciate the entire EFT process! It was valuable for me to learn how complex our issues are, and how to break those issues into specific and global targets. 
Linda Greenfield, Acupuncturist

I have a much clearer understanding of when to use each of the techniques and how to "mix and match” in the setup language.
Marilyn Tudor-Bleak, LMFT

I am delighted. It was all well organized with didactic and practical content. It has been fun as well as helpful. I have learned the importance of knowing when to be specific or global and how our language affects this. I have no suggestion for improvement, my expectations were met and exceeded.
Anita Grana, Psychologist

Everything came together perfectly for me in this workshop curriculum, the pacing is excellent, and I learned an extensive amount of information. Michael is an EXCELLENT trainer and a valuable asset to EFT and the ACEP family.
Karen Fayden, LCSW

This workshop has inspired me to further immerse myself in this incredible modality. I learned a lot about being persistent and that I can be more helpful by slowing down. I appreciate taking the time to learn this process correctly so that I don’t harm my clients.
Lourdes Adorno, LMFT

Very comprehensive course. Learned how to connect the techniques together, and work effectively with both specific and global language. I’m excited to follow through with additional training and certification.
Jake Rauchbach, Basketball Coach

Very thorough course, excellent learning experience. My understanding of EFT and my skills greatly improved through this course.
Ritch Wells, Holistic Practitioner

A much better understanding of the content and great practice time.
Adrienne Wolf, MS, Direct Care Counselor

The most important concept I learned is all the ways to use Setup language for Tell the Story, Movie Technique, and Tearless Trauma. Getting this instruction helped me immensely.
Allison Denehy, MS, EFT Practitioner

After the EFT Professional Skills 3 workshop I can see that this is a very effective, carefully designed healing tool that respects the realities of the human psyche. The most important concepts for me are the relentless investigation of what is actually being tapped on, containing globalizations, and the proper use of the Movie Technique. I don’t see how this program could be better than it is, and I expect to make extensive use of this tool in my practice. Thank you!
Michael Reddy, Author/Trainer/Wellness Coach

The information was clear, repeated, reviewed and thorough. I felt it provided an excellent foundation for moving forward.
Candace Smolowe, Life Coach

I’m ready for more! All of these new techniques are going to be very helpful when working with my current clients. Most importantly I learned that it’s ok to go in slowly and use different approaches to sneak up on issues.
Lauren Somers, NCC

This workshop was beyond what I expected. It was excellent. Most important to me was keeping the client contained and knowing when to be specific or global using the different techniques.
Patti Moreau

This was a wonderful experience. Michael is a great teacher and very knowledgeable. I am very glad that I decided to come back for EFT Professional Skills 3. The new methods like Tearless Trauma will be very useful in my practice. Thanks you Tina and Michael!
Beata Roukis, Energy Practitioner

The weekend has been very helpful in extending my skills, especially Chasing the Pain, Movie Technique and Tearless Trauma. The material is presented in a very concise and accessible manner, and I would easily attend any other pertinent trainings that Michael is giving.
Keith Bayer, LCSW

Loved the program! I value the learning, the interaction with all participants, and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.
Dr. Sheran Mattson, Psychologist

I’m amazed by how much I learned in this workshop, especially how to go from global to specific and back again if needed.
Lori Boyd, RN/Wellness Coach

I’m excited to apply Movie Technique and Tearless Trauma in my practice. The most important concept I learned is how to be purposeful with the language, and how that will allow me to ease into major disturbance events with clients.
Janice Brown-Silveira, LMFT

The four optimal levels of language for the Setup will be most important in my practice. I also liked the six chair exercise to demonstrate how language can trigger different events and the four chair exercise showing how to use the tools depending on our purpose. 
Andrea Sturgis, LPC

I gained a lot of confidence in the process as a result of this workshop. I am grateful to have a technique that really helps people heal.
Betsy Hartman, Nurse Practitioner

I am much more skilled now that I have the understanding I have been looking for. Learning how to use Preframes with clients as well as the Movie Technique, Tearless Trauma Technique, and Chasing the Pain will really help my practice. Thank you Michael and Tina, you are both inspiring.
Lorea Gervais-Crutcher, RN, Life Coach

My confidence in delivering EFT has increased 1000 times over on these three days. Amazing! The artful use of language, managing global vs specific targets with language, and knowing my goal at all times were the most important concepts for me.
Shannon Horine, Counselor/Life Coach

I’m really glad I did the training. There was so much that I learned here that is invaluable to the sessions with my clients. I think the course material, layout, and the way it was delivered was really perfect and made it very easy to assimilate the material - especially with all the practice sessions!
Audrey Vaidya, Life Coach/Workshop Leader

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