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Member Submission Guidelines for Video Content for the ACEP Website (old)
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Guidelines for Submitting Video Content for the ACEP Website

Revision Date: April 9, 2012

Drafted by Video Subcommittee of the ACEP Communications Committee:

  • Betsy Muller, Chair  
  • Bob Schwarz, PsyD  
  • Holly Timberlake, PhD  
  • Eric Huure

Purpose for hosting video on the ACEP Web Site:  

To further the acceptance, understanding and integration of Energy Psychology by

  • Sharing compelling human stories and testimonials
  • Teaching EP methods and best practices for delivery
  • Providing intelligent and respectful conversation to open the minds of skeptics
  • Raising funds for ongoing clinical research 

Content Guidelines:

Suggested Video Length: Videos less than 5 minutes in length will be given highest preference. Longer films will be considered if content is deemed to hold strong value. For smooth delivery, please post your video to YouTube or another hosting site so that a link may be provided for online viewing. DO NOT send video as an email attachment. 

Topics to Consider:

  • Client interviews, stories and testimonials
  • Practitioner experiences, stories and testimonials
  • Applications of EP for various emotional, mental and physical health challenges
  • EP methods and application demonstrations

Note: Compelling stories will be given highest consideration. It is also ACEP’s intention to represent a wide variety of EP modalities and solutions.

Videos should include:

  • Names / identity and credentials of practitioner and others shown in the film
  • State or location, if applicable
  • Any dates, times or case details relevant to the story

Videos should NOT include phone numbers, messages of self-promotion, rates or special offers.

Who can submit videos:

Video submission is open to all current ACEP members. The Video Committee members will evaluate videos for credibility, clarity, and interest level. Those submitting video should provide: 

  1. Listing of all professional licenses and degrees, including the name of the granting organization and date received
  2. State license (if applicable)
  3. Any additional certifications or relevant training
  4. Signed Video Submission and release form

It is ACEP’s intention to feature only those videos that demonstrate practitioners working within the scope of practice taught within ACEP’s code of ethics. Films submitted by unlicensed practitioners treating DSM disorders will not be acceptable as featured videos.  

Proof of release:

All persons shown or identified within the film must have provided written consent for such filming and broadcast to audiences via the internet.

Email your video link and completed submission form to:

Betsy Muller, ACEP Communications Chairman at You will be notified of your submission status within 30 days of submission. Members are welcome to submit several videos if desired. NOTE: DO NOT send video files. Only valid web hosted video links will be considered. 

If your video is approved and accepted, you will have the opportunity for your video to be uploaded to ACEP’s YouTube site. Your video may also be featured on the ACEP web site or within one of ACEP’s online publications. By submitting your video, you are giving ACEP permission to share your message via general outreach, marketing and ACEP’s online presence.

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