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Results of February Survey (old)
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Results of the February Survery.  Total number of respondents =115.   

 This chart represents less than 10% of our membership so it may not be completely valid.  We would really like  300 people or so to answer a survey to make sure that it is valid.  However it is what we have at the moment.  If you did not participate in this survery, we hope you will particiapte in future surveys.



This Is self explanatory.

Please note we included other approached in the survey. These results were the top results.  The rest were combined into the other category.


This was one of the more interesting findings.   As expected, since EFT is the most widely used approach, we see that it is the most widely used approach in ACEP.  

We we surprised to see the Donna Eden's approaches are the next most used approach.  Notice that her approaches appear to be used by ACEP members as 2 and 3rd level approaches.

TAT was also used more often than we anticipated, again as a second and third level approach.

Comprehensive Energy PSychology is the 2 most popular first level level approach..

If you combine 1st and 2nd together.  The order of preference for ACEP members is EFT, CEP, TFT, EDEN, TAT



This was really interesting. While we were not surprised that people talk to their clients.  It was a bit surprising that so many people say they use CBT.  It was also intereting to note how popular mindfulness is.


This question may have been confusing to people, because it could be interpreted in at least two manners.  What is interesting is that there is a lot of diversity in how often people use EP, but they certainly do use it a great deal.
This chart is self explanatory.  


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