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ACEP E-News - April, 2013
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ACEP's E-Newsletter • April, 2013

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In this Issue:

Next Conference Pricing Deadline: May 13

Sending Love and Healing to Boston and West, Texas

ACEP Visions: Holding the Space Together

Study on EFT and Academic Performance Just Published

ACEP Development Committee is Formed!

CEHP Ethics and Client Care Webinar Series Underway

ACEP Board Member Dr. John Diepold's Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) Pre-Conference Workshop

ACEP Blog Highlights

Monthly mp3 Audio Download for Members

Have Some EP News to Share?

Upcoming ACEP Workshops in EFT and CEP!

Congratulations to our newly Certified DCEP and ACP-EFT Practitioners

Upcoming ACEP Workshops in EFT and CEP!

Welcome to Our New ACEP Members!

Collective Healing

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- Energy Field Seeking Successes!
(Next Deadline: June 1)

- Claim Your Expertise and Become a Published Writer! (Next Deadline: June 1)

- Advertise to a Targeted EP Audience

- Updating the Research Section on our Website

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Send Students to the 2013 Conference

Help Make the Silent Auction at our 15th Annual Conference a Success

Next Level of the Healing High Rise: EP Event in Brussels May 6-8, 2013

Become a part of the 'Women in Recovery from Sexual Trauma' Project

Check out ACEP's free webinar on EP Research, Theory and Practice

ACEP is still seeking a research director

Members: send in your EP videos


15th Annual Conference: Register Now

(Next Price Savings Deadline Ends Monday, May 13

As we close in on T minus one month for the conference, the ACEP office is happily aflurry getting ready for this milestone event. These gatherings are incredibly special opportunities for connection and inspiration on your path as a student and practitioner of energy psychology.

We truly hope we get to see you and celebrate with you next month. (If you're being mindful of your pocketbook, the next price savings deadline is May 13.) 

There are only 9 spots left in the EFT Professional Skills 1 pre-conference workshop (May 29-30). If you want in, now's the time to register.

There are only 12 seats left for CEP Level 1 pre-conference workshop (May 29-30). Sign up now if you're interested in kickstarting your CEP certification this year. (CEP Level 2 is offered June 3-4). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

If you're ready to help heal the body politic with HOPE and transform the world's perception of EP through dialogue with your representatives, you won't want to miss this wonderful post conference opportunity (June 3) to learn from Jim Turner, Esq. about transpartisan political engagement. Since we'll be in DC, you'll be able to put your learning into action with a trip to Capitol Hill where you'll meet with the staff of your congressperson and be a Citizen Healer by day's end. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL

Sending Love and Healing to Boston and West, Texas

The beauty in our study and practice of energy psychology is how it deepens our understanding of the power of intention and energy - and allows us to respond to tragedy with love and light. We mourn with our fellow men and women, but we also know that deep, transformative healing is possible and how powerful it is to turn our energy and prayers in that direction. 

We send love and healing energy to all our friends in Boston and Texas. We send love and healing energy to everyone in this country who now feels more scared or angry or traumatized. We send love and healing energy to everyone around the world suffering at the hands of their fellow men and women.

Here is a beautiful prayer-intention from Jill Leigh, one of our dear Boston-based ACEP members (and conference presenter). We can read this, recite this, or pray this and send to whoever needs it at any time. Thank you Jill.

Remote Healing Collective

The Collective is a remote healing process, no dial-in or in-person commitment required.

I stand in unity, peace and fellowship with humanity. I am the light that shines in darkness, bringing comfort and solace to families and loved ones affected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

In the place of conscious awareness, The Collective's energy, vitality and integrity brings light, balance, peace and harmony, dissipating fear, tension, hatred and grief.

I stand in unity, peace and fellowship with humanity.

ACEP Visions: Holding the Space Together 
At the 2012 ACEP Board Retreat, we set a goal of creating three images that, if they came to fruition, many other things would had to have happened for them to come true. The idea was to paint a future vision that pulls us forward while letting go of trying to plan each specific step along the way...creating the end point and letting the universe guide the  process.

We shared these images at last year's conference and would like to remind you to help us energize these goals by sharing the vision with us:

  1. Energy Psychology Is accepted by the VA and/or the DoD as a legitimate form of therapy for Veterans and Soldiers. The specific image is the head of the VA and Executive DIrector of ACEP shaking hands with the logos of the VA and the DoD behind them.
  2. Energy Psychology is on the cover page of Time or Newsweek or Psychology Today as the new great treatment for PTSD and other disorders. (The image is obvious.)
  3. ACEP has a 4 million dollar budget. (The image is the ACEP board applauding the new $4,000,000 budget.)

Hot off the Press: Study on EFT and Academic Performance
Here's some new literature to add to the EP library - a study from Elizabeth Boath and colleages at Staffordshire University in the UK on EFT and academic performance.

Boath, E. Stewart, A & Carryer, A (2013) Tapping for success: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for enhancing academic performance in University students. Innovative Practice in Higher Education, Vol1 I(3).

While the study did not have a control/comparison group, the research includes both qualitative and quantitative assessments and was conducted at a university - so it's definintely keeping the ball moving down the field. To read the study, CLICK HERE.

ACEP Development Committee is Formed!
We're pleased to announce that our newly established Development Committee held its first meeting on Friday, March 29. ACEP does a wonderful job with all that we currently handle but we don't have a speck of room on our plate to add on any of the additional tasks that will help energy psychology have a greater impact in the world. Additional funding to hire more staff could help solve that problem. We also need money for more research so that EP can be included in elite listings of the most effective therapies.

Committee members include: Carol Phelps, Danielle Mincey White, Debby Vajda, Marlene Cameron, Marty Frantz, Rod Lind, Ryah Ki and Wade Cockburn. If you have ideas to share or would like to help us, please contact Debby at - thanks!

CEHP Ethics and Client Care Webinar Series Underway
Since we are recording each of the Ethics and Client Care webinars, you can still sign up to take part if you need to complete this step for CEHP certification. You can either purchase all six webinars as a series (for $250) or purchase each one separately for $50. CLICK HERE to register (you will need to sign in using your member login).

CEHP Candidates must attend all six webinars to be eligible for CEHP certification. Other ACEP Certified practitioners that need their Ethics CEs to maintain certification may purchase and attend Units 1 and 2. Each webinar will take place on Friday at 12 noon Eastern time on the following dates:

  • Unit 1 was held on April 12 and is now available as a recording with a post test: Overview of Ethics and Professional Standards for EHP Certification Candidates with Stephanie Eldringhoff, LMFT, DCEP
  • Unit 2, April 19: Specific Aspects of the Helping Relationship (Scope of practice considerations) with Stephanie Edringhoff, LMFT, DCEP
  • Unit 3, April 26: Client Care & Facilitation Skills for EHPs with Greg Nicosia, PhD, DCEP
  • Unit 4, May 3: Creative Approaches to Impasses and Deepening Access to Non-Conscious information with Greg Nicosia, PhD, DCEP
  • Unit 5, May 10: Recognizing and Assessing Trauma with Lynn Karjala, PhD, DCEP
  • Unit 6, May 17: Trauma Treatment: If, When and How with Lynn Karjala, PhD, DCEP


EP Around the World: ACEP Board Member, Dr. John Deipold Introduces EP and Heart Assisted Therapy to 200 Psychologists in the Netherlands
We're always happy to report the good work ACEP members are doing to extend the reach of EP around the world and recently learned that in November of last year John H. Diepold, Jr., PhD, presented an invited full-day workshop for the members of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP) in Utrecht, Netherlands. Dr. Diepold spoke to 200 NIP psychologist attendees on Heart Assisted Therapy®, providing them with an introductory experience. 

Dr. Diepold will be teaching a one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on Heart Assisted Therapy on May 30 in Reston, VA this year:
Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT®) can be described as a Humanistic Psychotherapy model because of the pronounced existential-phenomenological and person-centered characteristics within a holistic mind-body paradigm. 

This psychotherapy model incorporates a mindful whole of the individual’s cognitions, emotions, and sensory experiences using an integrative and self-nurturing protocol with a sub-structure grounded in "energy” psychology. HAT employs "Awareness Streaming” and a stabilizing breathing treatment while overlapping hands are placed over the heart ("heart breaths”) throughout the protocol promoting self-regulation. 

The HAT model of psychotherapy maximizes the therapist’s skills in listening, observing, and planning while integrating procedures that enable the opportunity for the individual to be validated, and to heal, shift emotions and thinking, adapt, and move forward in life. HAT is Dr. Diepold's original work and is a culmination of over 30 years of clinical experience.  Interested ACEP members can read more at or contact John at

If you're interested in attending the one-day Pre-Con in Reston, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The ACEP Blog - Past Month Highlights:
If you haven't had a chance to read our blog recently, here are the new posts from the past month.

ACEP's Monthly Audio Download for Members:
We hope you enjoyed your March download featuring Victoria Matthews' breakout on The Five Elements Model.

The April member download is Larry Stoler's 2009 breakout session called "Roots, Heart and Sky: The Energetics of Mastery in EP." If you enjoy this, be sure to check out Larry's breakout session at this year's conference on Qigong for Self-cultivation (held on Sunday, June 2 at 10:30am).

To receive the mp3, CLICK HERE and sign in using your member login and password.


Have some EP News to Share? 
We'd love to highlight member EP news on a monthly basis. So, if you have something to share, please send your submission for consideration to Emily Snider by the 20th of the month prior to publication at

Shopping in 2013? Keep Using Amazon to Support ACEP
Whether you're buying clothing, books, furniture or appliances through Amazon, all of these purchases can continue supporting the mission of ACEP throughout the year. Please use THIS LINK to get to their site. A portion of every sale will be donated to ACEP. 

Upcoming ACEP Workshops in EFT and CEP:
Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues not to miss these highly acclaimed
12 CE programs – full calendar details are available by

EFT - Professional Skills 1
April 20-21, 2013 - Santa Fe, NM
May 29-30, 2013 - Reston, VA


Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level 1
May 29-30, 2013 - Reston, VA


Essentials in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP): Level 2
June 3-4, 2013 - Reston, VA

We're working on the next group of workshops for the second half of the calendar year. Stay tuned...

Congratulations to our new ACP-EFT and DCEP Certified Practitioners! We are so pleased to have Ann Adams, LCSW, DCEP and Peter Goldberg, LMFT join our community of ACP-EFT practitioners and to have Ronn Young, PhD and Roxanne Rosemire, LCSW join our community of DCEP Practitioners. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to this transformative field.

Welcome New ACEP Members!

A hearty welcome to the new members that have joined ACEP within the past month.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NAMES AND CITIES OF OUR NEWEST MEMBERS.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get more deeply involved with the organization. Email:, Phone: 619-861-2237.

Collective Healing: Growing ACEP and Transforming Paradigms
Now more than ever on our planet, the collective force of healing professionals is needed to spread the energy of peace, hope and joy. Visualize together that our June conference is overflowing, membership is so abundant that we have to hire more staff, and research money flows in generously. We are the energetic bridge to the new healthcare, the new education system, and the new "uncorporate" world. Now tune in to your preferred energetic strategy-- tap, or hold-- and see ACEP as a central beam of light attracting those who will practice energy medicine side by side with traditional medicine, and develop schools where children's classrooms include the outdoors and the surrounding community. See businesses partnering with community projects to share and create. Feel and see the energy of generosity and kindness emanate-- transforming the old paradigms.

Connect and Converse with Us!

ACEP MEMBERS YAHOO GROUP: Do you want to connect with other ACEP members to share questions, ideas, experiences, training opportunities, and much more?  Join the ACEP Members Yahoo group here: Remember to indicate that you are an ACEP member.

SOCIAL MEDIA: In addition to breaking news and tips for self care with EP, we will be sending reminders about upcoming workshops for you to share with your friends around the globe. Follow us on  Twitter, like our ACEP Facebook group, and come talk about EP on our ACEP LinkedIn group


Send Students to the 2013 Conference

Help Make the Silent Auction at our 15th Annual Conference a Success

Next Level of the Healing High Rise: EP Event in Brussels May 6-8, 2013

Become a part of the 'Women in Recovery from Sexual Trauma' Project

Check out ACEP's free webinar on EP Research, Theory and Practice

Great with finance? Join ACEP's Fundraising Committee

ACEP is still seeking a research director

Members: send in your EP videos


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