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Professional Trainings in Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology
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Learn mind-body techniques and help your clients heal more quickly

in this compelling training.


Imagine yourself…

  • Completely confident in your ability to help your clients heal tremendous emotional pain and regulate their emotions.

  • Helping your clients rapidly heal trauma/PTSD.
  • Assisting people to identify and resolve unconscious blocks to achieving their goals 
  • Integrating energy-based methods with other therapeutic approaches.

  • Working with more inspiration, intuition and deeper connection.
  • Finally connected with a community of like-minded professionals.



You’ll learn:

  • About 3 different human energy systems: meridians, chakras and the biofield

  • Healing techniques that work with each of these systems

  • About the blocks your clients have to achieving their goals, and how to use energy psychology approaches with them. 

Want an introduction to this valuable technique and the #1 block your clients may have and how to easily remove it?   Get your free report now.


Plus key methods most other trainings don't include

  • A unique, specific, six-step protocol. The training in most specific techniques focuses on only a few of these steps.

  • How to move between energy systems (e.g., chakras and meridians) even while working on the same issue, so that your clients experience the most thorough healing. 

You’ll be able to take virtually any treatment method you already know, plug it into the model, and make your treatment more comprehensive.

Bask in a supportive learning environment with like-minded colleagues from many disciplines, including mental health professionals, nurses, physicians, coaches, acupuncturists, and other helping professionals.

At the end of Level 1 you’ll return home with techniques you can start using with your clients immediately. When you’re ready to expand your knowledge, return for Level 2. Full certification is also available.



"If you can make this training, do so! It forever changed my personal life and my

practice for the good!”  Judy Vartelas, LCSW


"Attending CEP Level 1 profoundly changed the way I work with clients. How? During the training, I learned about psychological reversals and a variety of ways to correct them. I now use these techniques in every session.

Clients are delighted with the results. They see that they can actually change things within themselves instead of just dissecting them, which is so common in conventional approaches. They may have been able to cope better as a result of conventional methods, but they didn’t experience the deep, transformational change that comes from energy psychology work. I often hear things like, 'For the first time I didn’t doubt myself,' or 'For the first time, I stood up to my husband.' They often feel a profound sense of wholeness and well being they have never felt before."
Heather LaChance, PhD




Sign up for Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 1 as a stand-alone course or attend the Level 1-2 workshop series before making a decision about continuing with the full CEP Certification Program.

2019 / 2020  Essential Skills in
Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Level 1 & 2 Trainings

Click on a city below for hotel, pricing and registration.


Level 1 - Issaquah, WA / November 2-3, 2019
Level 2 - March 14-15, 2020 (CANCELED)


Level 1 - Alpharetta, GA / February 22-23, 2020
Level 2 -
March 21- 22, 2020


Level 1 - Phoenix, AZ / March 7-8, 2020
Level 2 -
April 4-5, 2020


Level 1 - Baltimore, MD / May 13-14, 2020

Level 2 - May 18-19, 2020


12 CE/CME/CNE hours are available for each workshop


Who should attend?

Forward-thinking psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, coaches, nurses, physicians and allied helping professionals



"In the 21st century no psychologist, counselor, social worker, nurse or healing professional
should be without at least one body-mind approach that is as effective as energy psychology."

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, ACEP Executive Director, Author,Tools for Transforming Trauma



Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 1 Overview

Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 1 is appropriate for all levels beginner to advanced


Understand and practice energy psychology within an overall perspective of sound science, practical application and ethical consideration. Leave with an array of tools you can use to customize treatment for specific client needs, along with a framework to integrate these tools within a psychotherapeutic model.


You will learn

  • About the theory and research supporting energy psychology interventions
  • To use the six-step CEP integrative model
  • Multiple approaches to getting information from the body
  • To assess and correct system-wide energy interferences that may impede treatment 
  • To assess and clear common blocks to treatment that increase resistance and decrease motivation for change
  • Basic meridian treatment for trauma, anxiety, pain, depression, addictive urges for food, and negative feeling states
  • About ethical issues in energy psychology

Learn more about Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 1 course content and objectives here



Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 2 Overview

Prerequisite: Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 1

Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 2 is appropriate for intermediate to advanced levels

Building on the foundation you have developed in Level 1, in Level 2 you will learn advanced applications of the 6-step CEP treatment model. You will also learn advanced approaches for working with meridians as well as advanced chakra and biofield interventions. You will also learn skills for self care.


You will learn

  • Advanced applications of the six-step CEP model
  • Advanced issues in addressing conscious and subconscious objections
  • Advanced chakra and biofield interventions
  • More advanced meridian approaches - going beyond basic acupoint combinations to customize therapeutic interventions
  • To use CEP for performance enhancement
  • About advanced issues in building personal and relationship integrity when using energy-based methods in treatment 

Learn more about Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 2 course content and objectives here


Instructions for requesting accommodations for disabilities: If you require accommodations for a disability, please contact us at 619-861-2237 or via email at


What’s the research on energy psychology? 

Over 100 studies show significant experimental and clinical support for EFT and other energy psychology modalities.  

Learn About Continuing Education Details here- CE/CME/CNE 

12 CE/CME/CNE hours are available for each workshop





Call Leslie at 619-861-2237 or E-mail:


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