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Gold Standard EFT Certification - Home (Old)
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ACEP is in the process of revamping its EFT program.

We will not be offering trainings for the remainder of 2015.

Currently, ACEP is not accepting new applications for certification 

with the following exception. If you have attended an ACEP PS 1and/or PS 2
you have until June 5th to apply for the remaining parts of the certification program.
Contact Leslie at or call 619-861-2237


Make sure you register for the ACEP mailing list in the box on the

home page
so you will be notified of changes as they occur.




Getting Certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

This Gold Standard EFT certification program is designed and directed by Tina Craig

Learn about our EFT Professional Skills 1 workshop

Learn about our EFT Professional Skills 2 workshop


Learn about certification program steps and costs

Learn about eligibility requirements


Why this certification program?
Close to the source
While there are many people with top EFT skills, no one has worked with with the founder of EFT as closely as Tina Craig or gained her unique EFT insights and clarity about the Gold Standard EFT principles.

Tina was the architect of the EFT certification program offered by from 2008 – 2010. While there, she created volumes of new training material that clarified the founder's approaches and provided consistency in EFT training for different learning styles. The ACEP training has been built on that foundation, but expanded to include workshops, individual support, and skill evaluation.

Professional certification
The ACEP EFT certification program is a professional training intended for established professionals in the fields of mental health, integrative medical/wellness care, healing, coaching and the allied helping professions. ACEP certification is seen as the highest professional credential in the field of energy psychology today.

The ACEP certification program includes direct observation (via video) and valuable feedback on specific EFT skills straight from Tina Craig. Very few programs offer this level of accountability and professional feedback—essential elements for helping you become the most effective EFT practitioner possible.

Rigor and raising the bar
ACEP is committed to certifying only those who develop competence and fluency in the methodical, underlying strategies of EFT founder, Gary Craig’s highly effective EFT approach.

A leader in the field, ACEP’s focus is to substantially increase professionalism in the practice of EFT and other energy psychology modalities. We take our code of ethics seriously. This training is thorough and hands on—designed to ensure a high level of competence in each ACEP certified practitioner who will be selling their services to the public.

Continuing education credits
Continuing education credits are available to psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, drug counselors and nurses for most of the training components in the ACEP EFT certification program.

In 2012, ACEP became the first sponsor approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists studying energy psychology. Learn more about earning your CE hours through ACEP

Rave reviews
See what professionals are saying about the program

Ready to learn more?
First, make sure you’re eligible
Certification tuition summary
Take your first step with EFT Professional Skills 1
EFT Professional Skills 1, (EFT PS1) is a two-day workshop that serves as the gateway to the ACEP EFT certification program. EFT PS1 can also be taken as a stand alone workshop.
Call Leslie at 619-861-2237 or E-mail:


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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Professional Skills 1 (ONLINE course)

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