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Energy Psychology Can Help You
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Get help with the challenges you’re facing
Over the past 30 years, millions of people throughout the world have used energy psychology to assist them with a wide range of life challenges.


It can help you
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Heal trauma, including post-traumatic stress
  • Overcome limiting beliefs (about relationships, finances, etc.),
  • Heal addictions
  • Lose weight - and keep it off
  • Enhance performance (sports, school, business and the arts)
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Often, energy psychology methods work very quickly and gently. In many cases they have offered relief and healing when other approaches have failed.

You can work with a certified energy psychology practitioner or just learn some basic techniques to do on your own. Either way, your active involvement is key to your success.

Using energy psychology on your own

This makes most sense when your problem is fairly simple, there’s no urgency and your life is generally going well. Give it a try, and if you achieve the results you want, fantastic! If you are not able to resolve your problem on your own, you should consider working with a skilled professional. While these approaches are often relatively simple, skilled professionals know how to maximize the benefits of energy psychology methods far beyond what you can do on your own.

Working with an energy psychology professional

A professional can help you identify blocks and resistances to healing and growth of which you are unaware and which may not even make rational sense to you.

While unconscious blocks may not make complete sense to the conscious mind, they can have a huge impact on our lives. Energy psychology can rapidly resolve this type of limitation. To learn more about the magnitude of the unconscious influence in our lives, we recommend "Our Unconscious Mind" by John A. Bargh, an article published in the January 2014 edition of Scientific American

We also recommend "When the yips afflict athletes, they call Greg Warburton for help". This article was published in the Corvallis Gazette Times, and highlights the work of ACEP member Greg Warburton, a mental health counselor and advisor, who uses EFT and other energy psychology methods with athletes to improve mental/emotional self-management and performance. In 2012, he worked with University of Arizona pitcher Konner Wade. Wade was struggling early on in the season, and then he gradually improved while working with Warburton. He finished the season with four straight wins, including two complete games in the College World Series. Wade improved so much that one newspaper said his end of the season success "nearly defies expectation.”

Two types of practitioners use energy psychology

  • Licensed health and mental health professionals
  • Coaches and non-licensed energy health practitioners
ACEP supports both types of professionals. However, we strongly recommend that if you have a mental health problem, you should work with a mental health professional who is also well trained in energy psychology. If yours is a relationship problem, work with a relationship professional (mental health professionals, marriage educators, etc.) who is well trained in energy psychology. If you have a business or performance issue, seeking out a well-trained coach or energy health practitioner would be suitable. ACEP has ethical guidelines that all certified members must adhere to in their practice.

Local and state jurisdictions have their own regulations about what is considered ethical and legal. To be fully informed about what is required of practitioners in your area, we encourage you to check your local laws.

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