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Benefits of EP For My Practice
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How Can Energy Psychology Enrich My Practice?

Make a bigger difference in your clients’ lives

Are some of your clients stuck, despite your years of training and best efforts? Are you looking for new tools to help them break through to deeper levels of health and wellbeing? By working with the whole body-mind system in a unique blend of ancient eastern healing practices with modern psychology, energy psychology facilitates rapid positive change and optimal psychotherapeutic outcomes. Energy psychology is aligned with the latest findings from neuroscience and traumatology. Over 84 research studies support energy psychology’s effectiveness.


Help your clients reduce stress and heal trauma quickly, gently and effectively
Most clients experience emotional pain, dysfunction and chronic stress as a result of past trauma. When the effects of trauma and stress are released from the body-mind system, the nervous system can return to a state of safety, giving the client new capacity to live in the present. Energy psychology tools are extremely efficient, and are tailored to clear trauma gently from the body-mind system when combined with talk therapy. For example, many therapists have been able to rapidly, gently and successfully treat PTSD.

Reconnect with your original inspiration for doing this work
It can be discouraging when the tools at our disposal only help some of the clients some of the time—or demand so much time and commitment that many clients cannot see their healing process through. Energy psychology methods allow you to do more good with less effort. Becoming adept in these techniques will help deepen your level of satisfaction and effectiveness in the work that you were called to do.

Enhance your self-care
Keeping yourself in better shape allows you to help others more effectively. These methods not only help your clients; they can help you work and live with greater presence and ease.

Grow your business and increase your income

The integrative healthcare market is $57 billion and growing. More people than ever understand the importance of the body-mind connection, which makes it easier for you to attract new clients when you add energy psychology techniques to your service offering.

You can also decrease your dependence on low-fee managed care contracts. Energy psychology is so effective that clients are willing to pay out-of-pocket for this service.


ACEP is working hard to increase general awareness of the power of these methods, which means more business for you.

What the experts say

"The techniques of energy psychology have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field.”

Nathaniel Branden, PhD, author, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

"With increasing globalization there has been a growing curiosity in psychological practice about non-western methods of dealing with disturbances within the human organism. Not based on Western rationalism, these methods do not rely on insight and understanding, but on shifting internal states of bodily experience. Energy psychology techniques and procedures can bring about remarkably rapid changes in the way people feel and move through the world."

Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, MD, Medical Director, The Trauma Center, Brookline, MA
Professor of Psychiatry, Boson University School of Medicine

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Research supports the effectiveness of energy psychology

100+ peer-reviewed studies show the effectiveness of energy psychology in treating trauma, depression and more Learn more





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What clients say
"I can't imagine where I would be without energy therapy. When I was in the blackest moment of my life, these energy therapies opened whole new doorways to freedom that I could never have had otherwise. They literally saved my life." L.B. / Oregon


"I overcame my fear of public speaking almost instantly. I wanted to thank you for exposing me to this unorthodox, but in my case very effective, form of therapy. It's definitely going to change my life and open up more opportunities for me than I can possibly imagine. In fact, it already has."G. / Illinois




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