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Quick Trauma Relief
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The information on this page is educational in nature and is provided only as general information for stress reduction. It is not intended to create, and does not constitute a professional relationship between Resource for Resilience project team members or the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the viewer. It should not be relied upon as medical, psychological, coaching, or other professional advice of any kind or nature whatsoever.



Quick Trauma Relief Technique

Are you feeling stressed or traumatized by a threatening, violent event, whether you have experienced it directly or heard about it on the news?

Here is a simple, three-step process that can help you:

  • Reduce stress and trauma
  • Calm your emotions
  • Feel more balanced and relaxed
  • Focus

When to use

  • Immediately after a shocking or traumatizing incident
  • You experience shock, emotional numbness and/or feeling disconnected
  • You have problems calming down
  • You feel overwhelmed with emotions
  • You can't stop replaying the trauma

Common experiences

  • Feeling emotional discharge and release
  • Bringing focus back to the here and now
  • Feeling balanced, relaxed, and better able to focus

 1. Find Safety

Find a quiet safe place away from danger preferably with a friend or someone who can support you.

 2. Calm Yourself

Calming Hug / Triple Warmer / Spleen Hug

(as taught by Donna Eden –


1) Sit comfortably with arms crossed, one hand wrapped around the upper arm just above the elbow.

2) Put your other hand underneath the arm holding the side of your body, about 4-6 inches below the start of the armpit. Hold for at least one minute.

3) Switch the holding position with the other hand wrapped

around the arm, middle finger in the notch above the elbow, and the other hand under the arm and hold at least one minute.

4) Switch positions back and forth several times, until you feel a shift and a sense of deep relaxation.


Follow along with the video


 Optional: Add Calm Breathing while doing the Calming Hug

1) Take a quick deep breath through your nose. 

2) Hold your breath for a couple of seconds. Notice what it feels like.

3) Let your breath out through loose lips, with a deep sigh.

4) Allow your shoulders to fall. 

5) Notice the feeling just after letting your breath out, before you start to breathe in.

6) Repeat 3-5 times or for as long as you wish. 


 Follow along with the video



3. Tap Out Trauma & Reset Your System

Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT)
Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandstrom, Peaceful Heart Network


1) Make contact with your partner or with yourself if alone.

2) Lightly focus on recent memory of trauma.

3) Tap the sequence of points 1-14 below or have your partner tap on those points for you.

4) Breathe two deep breaths.

5) Tap the sequence of points 1-14 again.
6) Again breathe two deep breaths.

7) What do you notice now?

8) Usually people notice that the upset has changed or greatly diminished. If there is only a small change, do the treatment again.


9) Acknowledge yourself for the shifts and changes you’ve experienced.

10) Keep tapping points 1-14, taking two breaths, and tapping points 1-14 again as needed until you feel calm.


Follow along with the video

The sequence of treatment points


Tap 10-15 times on the following points in the following order. Tap gently, but firmly, with two or three fingers:

1) The karate chop point /side of the hand

2) Inside corner/beginning of eyebrows

3) Outside of the eyes (flat area outside the outer corner of the eye)

4) Under the eyes (on the upper edge of the ocular bone, below the pupil)

5) Under the nose

6) In the crease of the chin, under the lower lip

7) Under the collarbone (Just below the bony ‘knob’ of the collarbone, and approx. 1” outside the sternum) and all over the chest – like a gorilla!

8) Under the arm/s (4-6” below the armpit, parallel to the breast or on the seam of your shirt or blouse - if it has a seam on the side!)


9) The little finger (at the bottom corner edge of the nail, on the side closer to the midline of the body)

10) The "ring finger”- (all these finger points are at the bottom corner edge of the nail, on the side closer to the midline of the body)

11) The middle finger

12) The index finger 

13) The thumb

14) Under the collarbone again and all over the chest





Download the pdf of the Quick Trauma Relief Technique


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More resources

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