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Finding an Energy Psychology Therapist Near You

You can use this simple search engine to find members of ACEP who use energy psychology as part of their practice.


By using this search form, you are agreeing to the disclaimer below

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology ("ACEP”) is providing this Energy Therapist Locator Directory ("Directory”) as a benefit for members of the general public living in the United States, Canada and abroad.The only permitted use of this Directory is for quick access to information on therapists who use energy psychology. It is intended for the convenience of members of the public for non-commercial and non-research purposes only It is intended for the convenience of members of the public for non-commercial and non-research purposes only. ACEP cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or resulting services from an ACEP member listed in this Directory. Information accessed through this Directory is provided "AS IS” and with without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness.

ACEP does not examine, determine or warrant the competence of any therapist listed in this Directory.ACEP does not warrant that the therapists listed in this Directory are currently or properly licensed.Under no circumstances should this Directory be used to verify the credentials of therapists. Use of this Directory to locate an ACEP member is wholly voluntary and will not result in any liability against ACEP. In no event shall ACEP be liable for damages to any user of the Directory.

ACEP reserves the right to monitor all use of this Directory for compliance with the terms of use of this agreement, included the terms described above. ACEP shall block any person’s use of this Directory indefinitely should ACEP determine, at our sole discretion, that the person is not complying with or is otherwise in violation of the terms described above.ACEP reserves the right to change the terms of this disclaimer at any time.

The use of the names or any other information in this Directory may not be used for any marketing or sales purposes, to conduct research, or to establish independent data files or compile information.

Use of any of the information obtained from this Directory to solicit therapists listed in this Directory for commercial or other purposes is prohibited. If you wish to market your product or service to the members listed in this Directory, please call to order an ACEP mailing list. is a service mark of the ACEP. Use of this service mark without the express written permission of ACEP is prohibited.




  • To search by name, you can use either just the first name or just the last name or both in the first section.
  • In the first section, you can search for a professional by city, state (use full name)  or country (select this first)   and/or specific modalities used or areas of expertise.  
    • Searching by specific modalities: Look for the modality you want in one of two fields:

      • Energy Psychology Modalities

      • Other Modalities Used

        Each field has a drop down menu.  If you do not find what you are looking for in one field, look in the other.  (The other modalities used section has many more options to choose from. Some of these may be considered energy psychology modalities as well.)
  • To search for a professional in a radius of 5-500 miles from a specific zip code use the second "boxed" section.  Put in the zip code you want and the radius.  Do not use a city and state at the same time as a zip code.   (zip radius searches help you find people who are in a town near you but in a different zip code.  If you are not sure of the zip code.  Do a state search first and locate a professional in the nearest town/city and use that zip code in your second search)
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  You can only do one type of search at a time.  You cannot do a radius search at the  same time you are searching for a modality or other information in the section outside the box.


If you are an ACEP Member and you have just updated your information. It may take up to 24 hours for it to become available on this search.





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