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Committees & Volunteer Opportunities
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Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome the participation of members on committees, task forces and as regional coordinators.


The volunteer structure of our organization is the foundation for achieving our goals, and is key to preparing for a future leadership position. Please consider taking an active role in an area that interests you and for which you have gifts, talents and time to offer.


If you would like to know more, or are ready to join a committee, please email, Debby Vajda.


Chair:  Lori Hops
Members:  Cynthia Joba, Philippe Isler, Mark Lomax, Sarah Murphy, Kirsten Keach, Paula Shaw

  • Oversees publication of The Energy Field
  • Develops and disseminates blogs
  • Develops and maintains Higher Energy Podcast
  • Develops ACEP communications materials for member use (e.g., media packet)
  • Develops opportunities to spread the word about energy psychology beyond our community
CEP Certification (by appointment)

Chair: Sarette Zecharia

Members: Stephanie Eldringhoff, Michael Galvin, Kristin Holthuis

  • Identifies body of knowledge for DCEP and CEHP certification
  • Sets curriculum and test questions for online training modules
  • Plans content for certification courses
  • Provides trainers for certification courses
  • Evaluates and appoints certification consultants
  • Sets criteria for certification and re-certification



Chair: Debby Vajda

Members: Wade Cockburn, Lori Hops, Cynthia Joba, Marilyn Lottman, Margaret Lynch and Sylvia Stengle

  • Raises funds for ACEP

Diversity and Inclusion

Chair: Sylvia Stengle


Members: Sylvia Stengle, Reginald Wesley, Cori Woodland, Alfred Heath, Diana Badilla, Victor Lee Lewis and

Mark Lomax (advisor)

  • Seeks to identify learning opportunities for those who want to become more culturally competent and aware and to share those resources widely.
  • Explores avenues for increasing participation in ACEP by underrepresented groups.
  • Works to identify ways to project an image of inclusivity on the website and in printed materials.
  • Encourages conference participation by diverse speakers on topics related to inclusion and cultural competency.
Education & Conference 

Committee Chair: Sherry O'Brian

Conference Chair: Robert Schwarz

Selection Subcommittee: Sherry O'Brian (chair), Debby Vajda, Katherine Wright Desai and Bob Schwarz
Quality Assurance Subcommittee: Julie George (chair), Joan Kaylor, Rachel Michaelsen.

  • Coordinates breakout tracks and workshops 
  • Identifies marketing and advertising opportunities to promote the annual conference
  • Issues call for proposals for pre-conference seminars and conference breakout workshops held in conjunction with Annual International Energy Psychology Conference
  • Identifies entertainment and special events to be held in conjunction with annual conference
  • Selects, places and evaluates faculty for seminars and workshops
  • Oversees completeness of faculty requirements for participation
  • Assigns continuing education credit for sessions
  • Oversees compliance with CE sponsorship approval organizations for CE providers
  • Evaluates effectiveness and relevance of educational sessions
  • Oversees other educational offerings sponsored by ACEP and its regions


Chair: Phil Mollon

Members: Michael Galvin, Sara Gold, Harriett Mall, Sheila Bender, Jim McAninch and Kerstin Warkentin
  • Oversees the implementation and promulgation of the Code of Ethics
  • Answers queries regarding ethical issues in the practice of energy psychology methods
  • Adjudicates allegations of alleged ethical misconduct on the part of ACEP members
  • Interfaces with licensing bodies regarding scope of practice issues
  • Provides case studies in resolving ethical dilemmas for ACEP publications

Chair: Rachel Michaelsen


Board Representative: Ryah Ki

Members: Cindy Baker, Sarah Whittal, Amy Frost, Kristin Miller and Phyll Robson, Erin Taylor, Adriana Popescu, Rachel Michaelson, Gunilla Hamne, Ulf Sandstrom, Virginia Almon, Jenny Brev, Lorre Eaton, Ryah Ki, B. Raven Lee, Suzan Thompson.

  • Identifies, develops and provides funding for humanitarian projects

Learn more about ACEP's humanitarian outreach programs



Read more about committee members 


Chair: Kristin Holthuis

Members  Maggie Adkins, Sarah Bird, Marion Blique, Marlene Cameron, Edle Elisabeth Hofsli, Iwowarri James, G K Lim, Marion MacIntyre, Claude Prefontaine, Peta Stapleton, Sharon Cass Toole, Bob Moreland, Juana Sancho Davila-Moreland, Janice Scott, Paulina Trevino de Morales, Diane von der Weid, Yves Wauthier, Grace Hye-Sook Yung, Kerstin Warkentin
  • Oversees membership development and educational offerings within respective countries
  • Develops ways to promote the development of energy psychology internationally
  • Encourages research and publications on energy psychology internationally

Chair: Terry Lynch


Board Liaison: Diana Badilla


Members: Michael DeMolina, Kimberly Flemke, Carol Hart, Heather LaChance, Sheran Mattson, Kerri Morrison, Cynthia Joba, Melinda Moats, Judith White 

  • Assists the ACEP Board and staff in improving recruitment and retention of ACEP members
  • Supports the formation and maintenance of local ACEP and/or energy psychology groups
  • Identifies and contacts individuals and community organizations to inform the community about the usefulness of energy psychology and ACEP
  • Solicits new members for ACEP and work with staff in retention efforts
  • Works to expand ACEP member benefits
Chair: John Freedom

Board Liaison: Paula Shaw

Members  Amelia Loomis, Andrea Hanson, Shirley Conrad,Susan Hannibal, Dan Benor, Rick Leskowitz, Larry Burk, Tony Tranguch, Sarah Murphy, Suzan Thompson, Christine Berger, Gary Peterson, Crystal Hawk, Anne Dunnewold, Angela Cartland, Anne Dunnewold, Amy Gaesser, Terrie Hope, Bob Pasahow, Greg Nicosia, Monica Tiscione, Erin Taylor.
  • Sets priorities for research initiatives that focus on efficacy of energy psychology methods
  • Compiles and maintains database of current research studies in energy psychology
  • Issues calls for proposals for conducting research studies that focus on treating anxiety,  depression, and PTSD with energy psychology methods
  • Selects proposals to be funded by ACEP research grants
  • Raises funds to underwrite ACEP’s research grants
Regional Coordinator
  • Oversees membership development and educational offerings within region
  • Welcomes new members and contacts inactive members to encourage participation
  • Recruits state or province coordinators within region

View regional representatives

State or Province Coordinator
  • Oversees membership development and educational offerings within state or province
  • Welcomes new members and contacts inactive members to encourage participation
View state and province coordinators




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