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CEP and EFT Defined
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Exploring the Difference Between CEP and EFT
Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP)
While EFT is a specific technique involving the meridian system, CEP encompasses a broader range of methods that include meridians, chakras and the biofield. CEP also involves the use of muscle testing, a technique that is commonly used to receive biofeedback from the body.

The term "Comprehensive” means that, within the scope of CEP, practitioners receive an array of tools they can use to customize treatment for the specific needs of each client. As with EFT, these methods can rapidly, gently and easily release trauma and stress from the body-mind system. Learn more about our CEP Training

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Sometimes called "acupressure for the emotions,” EFT (or "tapping”) is a highly focused energy psychology method that rapidly releases the emotional impact of stressful or traumatic life events from the body-mind system. As clients bring their attention to distressing memories and symptoms, practitioners walk them through a process of voicing specific statements while tapping on a series of acupuncture meridian points. This activation appears to reduce levels of stress while stimulating processing of previously stuck emotions and habit patterns. Learn more about our EFT Training

Which method is right for me?

Practitioners who study CEP want to understand the history of energy psychology more deeply and work from a broad base of tools involving three major components of the human bio-energetic system: meridians, chakras and the biofield. Additionally, those drawn to CEP want to become adept at using muscle testing in their treatment protocol.

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Practitioners who study EFT want in depth, specialized training in EFT which has been at the forefront of the EP field since its development. They also want a tool they can easily teach to their clients for self-care between therapy and/or coaching sessions.

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Can I study both?
Yes. Many of our members think that obtaining training and certification in CEP and EFT is the best way to round out their therapeutic tool kit. However, we recommend that you pursue and develop competence in one training path at a time.



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