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Humanitarian Outreach
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To share energy practices and resources to promote safety, connection, happiness, health and resilience around the world.  



Humanitarian Committee Projects



Veteran to Veteran Project



The Veteran to Veteran Project recruited leaders in the Las Vegas veteran community who have an ongoing helping relationship with veterans experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress. 

Leaders and other participating veterans have gone through an intensive 2-day training on using an energy psychology self-help method (Thought Field Therapy) for reducing PTS symptoms. Our objective is to have these veterans, in turn, reach out to other veterans to teach them how to reduce their symptoms.

This model has been used very effectively for many years around the globe.




Resources for Resilience



This project seeks to alleviate suffering by teaching self-help techniques to those experiencing the effects of violence, trauma and natural disasters. We believe that humans are naturally flexible and resilient; and given effective tools, information and support, can ‘bounce back’ from disaster and adversity. This is in alignment with ACEP’s mission: exploring, researching and promoting EP methods to alleviate human suffering, enhance human performance and further human potential.


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   Humanitarian Outreach Videos 


This video series was designed to help professionals who wish to become involved in humanitarian outreach projects. It was created by a joint effort of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee and Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström of the Peaceful Heart Network.


1.  How to Build A Workshop - An approach to practical humanitarian outreach


 View the video

2.  Symptoms of Stress - Learn to recognize how stress and trauma can be expressed


 View the video

3.  Empowerment - One of the most important aspects of humanitarian outreach


 View the video

4.  Your Part in the Puzzle - You already have everything necessary for humanitarian outreach

 View the video

5.  Self-Care - Make sure you know the basics of daily emotional self-care before helping others


 View the video

6.  Scaling - Make every person a part of spreading relief


 View the video

7.  Self-Medication - When the system is helped into balance, the need to self-medicate can disappear


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8.  Manifesto - Guidelines in practice and attitude for humanitarian outreach

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ACEP Energy in Action Projects


Syrian Refugee Project


ACEP initiated and funded a training in Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) for staff working with Syrian refugees in Turkey and Syria. Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandstrom trained 24 staff members from 5 different organizations. The 3-day training was very well received, and was recorded on video (with Arabic translation) in order to spread this work to others helping those impacted by the war and refugee crisis.




Rwandan Genocide Survivors


Project LIGHT is establishing a partnership with Rwanda’s leading peacebuilding organization, Never Again Rwanda (NAR), to train facilitators who are committed to peacebuilding from the inside out by healing their own traumas and holding a powerful resonance for others to do the same. ACEP funds provided critical bridge funding that allowed the project to move forward in 2016 until larger funding is secured for the overall project. A successful pilot program was conducted with 48 NAR representatives, and 400 youth and families have been impacted since April. Project LIGHT and NAR are in the process of developing a Memorandum of Understanding that will enable the Project LIGHT program to scale and replicate throughout 15 communities in Rwanda.





Humanitarian Projects by ACEP Members (not ACEP sponsored)


Self-Regulation As Part of Graduate Education

As part of a larger training, PhD students learned how to handle stressful situations when presenting research through the use of the Trauma Tapping Technique. Many participants reported feeling calmer and less fearful. 


If you would like more information on how to use this model, contact

Ulf Sandstrom


Phone: 46704-888418




Post-Election Trauma

After the results of the November 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Rachel Michaelsen was overwhelmed by the alarm and distress almost all of her clients were experiencing. For some, the results of the election were very personal due to their race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, immigrant status or health status.

She led groups for people experiencing post-election distress. Group members shared what they were experiencing and then did a series of energy psychology/energy medicine exercises to address the distress and trauma. They included Cook’s Hook-Up, Three Thumps and Trauma Tapping Technique. People reported that they had been experiencing fear, insomnia, nightmares and anger.

After doing the energy psychology techniques people reported feeling significantly calmer. These groups have continued to meet every other week and all report great benefit both from having an opportunity to share in community and from the calming and soothing effects of the exercises done in the groups.


If you are interested in doing a similar project, please contact

Rachel Michaelsen





Thought Field Therapy (complex trauma)


Trauma Relief - web site sponsored by the Thought Field Therapy Foundation


Trauma Tapping Technique


Body Talk Corticels Technique


Brief Vignettes of Four Veterans Receiving Energy Psychology Treatment with David Feinstein


Finding Recovery & Empowerment from Abuse (FREA)



If you are interested in joining the committee or developing a humanitarian project with ACEP, please contact Rachel Michaelsen, chair.



The Humanitarian Committee invites you to join them!

Contact Rachel Michaelsen |




Humanitarian Committee Members
Cindy Baker, MEd, DCEP           Ryah Ki            Kristin Miller, PhD, DCEP
Lorre Eaton, DC, CEHP
  B. Raven Lee, PhD, DCEP
  Suzan Thompson, PhD, LPC 
Amy Frost, MA, MBA
  Rachel Michaelson, LCSW    Ulf Sandstrom
Gunilla Hamne



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