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Training Catalogue

Explore Our Energy Psychology & Energy Healing Trainings


We bring together a diverse mix of leaders in the field so that you can:

  • Grow your skills and understanding both widely and deeply. 
  • Feel more confident using these approaches because you understand their scientific basis.
  • Integrate your practices with the science that supports their efficacy.
  • Expand your business, increase your influence, and further the acceptance of energy healing methods into mainstream health care.


Whether you're new to the field or an experienced practitioner in any healing profession you're in the right place.

  • Get a taste with a free master class.
  • Take an online or onsite training to go deeper into one area (like the science of energy healing) or method (such as Emotional Freedom Techniques).
  • Attend the International Energy Psychology Conference to connect with 500+ professionals from diverse disciplines. The premiere conference for our field, it’s held every year.



Free Master Classes - Online




Science of Energy Healing



Clarity & Wisdom:

Ethics & Energy Healing

  Emotional Freedom Techniques

In this free 3-part master class that has been watched by over 34,000 people in 120 countries, ACEP's executive director Dr. Robert Schwarz takes you on journey into the science of energy healing so that you can feel more knowledgeable and confident as a practitioner. You'll learn how you can discuss the science with colleagues and referrals sources so that you can grow your practice. 



In this free 3-part series, ACEP's executive director Dr. Robert Schwarz leads you through 3 important areas of ethics. In Part 1 we look at how to prevent ethical challenges before they develop by asking yourself 5 questions. In Part 2, ethics Expert Midge Murphy describes how to navigate the ethical and legal challenges that occur when you work at a distance. In Part 3, Lynne Twist teaches radically different way to think about fee setting and integrity.


In this free 3-part master class, ACEP's executive director Dr. Robert Schwarz takes you on journey describing the theory, research and clinical relevance of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). 












Science of Energy Healing




Science of Energy Healing 1



Science of Energy Healing 2

21 hours of training from leaders in the fields of energy psychology & energy healing. Faculty Includes: Dean Radin, Ruppert Sheldrake, Cassi Vietan, Lynn McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Gary Schwartz, Jim Oshman, David Feinstein, Dawson Church and many more.


Includes: Videos | Audio Files | Transcripts | Power Summaries | References. 18 hrs of CE/CME/CNE available


12 hours of training from 9 leaders in the fields of energy psychology and energy healing. Faculty Includes: Bill Bengston, Bruce Lipton, Stephen Porges, Rollin McCraty, Joan Borysenko, Larry Dossey & more.  


Includes: Videos | Audio Files | Transcripts | Power Summaries | References. 9 hrs of CE/CME/CNE available







Get Trained in Energy Psychology Methods




Emotional Freedom Techniques

Professional Skills 1 & 2



Emotional Freedom Techniques

Mentoring & Certification

ACEP's top rated 5 week training teaches you how to use EFT in your practice. Includes virtual live small group practice with expert facilitators. This training is your first step toward certification. Only open to licensed mental health professionals and health professionals with counseling training.


14 hrs of CE/CME/CNE  available



  • Increase your confidence and achieve better results with complex cases
  • Upgrade your expertise
  • Amplify your professional credibility

ACEP practitioner and advanced practitioner certification available.








Essential Skills in

Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Levels 1 &2



Comprehensive Energy Psychology



Get a solid foundation in energy psychology in this signature training.

You’ll learn:

  • About 3 different human energy systems: meridians, chakras and the biofield
  • Healing techniques that work with each of these systems
  • About the blocks your clients have to achieving their goals, and how to use energy psychology approaches with them.

12 CE available for each training. Open to licensed health and mental health professionals, coaches, energy healers and more.


No further trainings are scheduled for 2020. The 2021 schedule is not yet available.

  • Increase your confidence and achieve better results
  • Upgrade your expertise
  • Amplify your professional credibility

Two certification tracks:
1 for licensed mental health professionals

1 for allied healthcare and helping professionals such as physicians, nurses, chiropractors, coaches, educators and energy healers.









Thought Field Therapy
Clarity & Wisdom: Ethics & Energy Healing

Thought Field Therapy is simple, fast and easy. The results can be long lasting. It is one of today's most effective psychotherapy tools for treating trauma, PTSD, and many other disorders.


This self-paced training is taught by Suzanne Connolly, former ACEP Board member.


Includes: Videos  |  Manual  | Handouts  | 13 CE hours







Ethics is about much more than knowing the rules. It’s an ongoing process of developing your internal guidance system! Having a solid knowledge of the ethics landscape is a vital part of creating a sustainable practice. It can help you...  
  • Avoid legal and ethical problems that may cost you thousands of dollars and mountains of stress  
  • Improve your relationships and clinical outcomes with clients  
  • Build your business on a more solid foundation

Main faculty includes: Midge Murphy, David Feinstein, Cassandra Vieten and Lynn Twist.

Includes: Videos | Audio Files | Transcripts | Power Summaries. Up to 8 hours of CE/CME/CNE available.






International Energy Psychology Conference



23rd International Energy Psychology Conference


May 13-17, 2021

Hyatt Tamaya Resort  |  Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico





Nourish your heart, mind and soul at this beautiful, deeply peaceful retreat.

Registration opens January 2021.





Livestream Recordings Online

2019-2020 Conferences




All Conference Recordings Online

(Audio with slides)

Immerse yourself in the premiere energy psychology conference from the comfort of your home. Get inspired and renewed as you learn the latest methods that can help your clients heal. Great for beginners and seasoned professionals.


You'll have access to all keynotes and invited presenters and a curated group of great learning labs.


Includes: Video recordings via streaming | handouts | CE/CME/CNE. Hours vary, depending on the conference.



Enjoy over 500 talks from our 2005 - 2019 conferences. Get inspired by presentations from luminaries in the fields that matter to you: energy psychology, neuroscience, integrative psychotherapy, energy medicine, trauma treatment, mind- body medicine, peak performance, spirituality and consciousness.


You'll have access to keynotes, invited presenters and all learning labs.


Best deal: Buy an annual subscription with unlimited access for 1 year.


Includes: Audio recordings with synced slides. No CE.




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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Professional Skills 1 (ONLINE course)

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